Name Company Position
Paolo Arevalo DDB Philippines Executive Creative Director
Kara Lagniton DDB Philippines Associate Creative Director
Bym Buhain DDB Philippines Copywriter
Emma Dooc DDB Philippines Art Director
Elaine de Padua DDB Philippines Managing Director
Meg Badilla DDB Philippines Group Account Director
Nika Arce DDB Philippines Account Executive
Roxanne Bunag DDB Philippines Senior Digital Art Director
Sarah de Joya DDB Philippines Senior Digital Copywriter

The Campaign

We turned the insight on its head and used the white panty as the ultimate symbol of hygiene and femininity. We called the campaign, Pretty in White Panty! Challenging teen girls to wear their white panties proud because with Carefree pantyliners they won't have to worry about getting it stained or dirty! We used the white panty as a canvas for girls to have fun with and practice creativity by designing it online and on ground! So girls will actually enjoy decorating their white panties instead of rejecting the idea of wearing one. Further education on feminine hygiene was done online by providing tips on how to keep their white panties white with Carefree pantyliners.

Creative Execution

The campaign started with a web app, where teens designed a virtual white panty that served as their invite to the Pretty in White Panty fashion show. During the fashion show, they were witness to the first-ever Carefree white panty fashion line! They met teen idol, Liza Soberano and decorated actual white panties at the design your own panty bar. The same attendees plus more teens were targeted online, further educating them on how they can keep their white panties white. We created more than a hundred videos, each video had a unique introduction as different Filipina names were called out by the celebrity endorser. To access this video, teens had to login using Facebook. We used their account to match it with the video that calls out their name, so they will feel like their only having a girl talk session and not be uncomfortable with the topic.

The Carefree Pretty in White Panty campaign generated the highest growth for the brand with a double digit increase in business at 7.3% versus the previous year. The brand continues to be the market leader at 48% market share versus competing brands, Charmee at 30%, and Sisters at 15%. More than a hundred girls attended Carefree Pretty in White Panty fashion show. The online videos were well-received despite the taboo topic of feminine hygiene with more than a million views. We even received hundreds of entries on the microsite as girls shared their white panty stories.

The Carefree Pretty in White Panty was created as an integrated media campaign to make best use of different touch points that would be relevant to the target market. The creative work made use of different platforms; online we used a microsite, Facebook, social media content, and a web app; on ground we launched with the Pretty in White Panty fashion show. Because the challenge of the brand was talking about a taboo topic--feminine hygiene--we needed to make use of different touch points, thus an IMC, to drive our education message of wearing Carefree pantyliners for proper hygiene down there.

The target market for Carefree pantyliners are mid-teens, 15 to 17 years old. They are in the experimentation stage and are willing to explore different brands so they can make their own brand choice. She values cleanliness, her femininity, and being able to express herself. She is always online and looks up to teen celebrities and different online resources as a way of experimenting with different interests. Aside from using teen celebrity idol, Liza Soberano, as a way to generate buzz around the Carefree Pretty in White Panty fashion show. We tied up with teen magazine, Meg Magazine, to launch the fashion event. Additionally, we made use of their online assets to help reach more teens that follow their online platforms, and Instagram. Deeper education online was done using an exclusive microsite that teens had to log in to using Facebook.


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