Idea Creation 2 MRM//McCANN Shanghai, CHINA
Media Placement J3 Shanghai, CHINA
Production 2 MRM//McCANN Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Wilton Boey McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Group Creative Director
Barbara Jiang McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Creative Director
Betty Jiang MRM/McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Sr Creative Director
Anne Dumesges J&J Vision Marketing Director
Thelma Zhao J&J Vision Brand Manager
Crystal Zhao J&J Vision Brand Manager
Cia Hatzi McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Regional VP
Callie Tan McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Businiss Director
Chelsea Lin McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Senior Account Manager
Serena Feng McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Account Executive
Daniel Wu McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Senior Art Director
King Bao McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Associate Art Director
Stone Zhou McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Group Head
Helene Huber McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Senior Planner
Hoong Wei Ling MRM//McCANN Shanghai Account Director
Ikari Xu MRM//McCANN Shanghai Senior Account executive
Canossa Fong McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Senior Producer
Aaron Cho Universal McCann Head of Digital Media
Charlene Jiang Universal McCann Portfolio Manager

The Campaign

The Big Idea: Dare to Change When entering the job force, young Chinese wanted to look more confident and professional, but felt their insecurities holding them back. On social media they shared their fears towards growing up by labeling themselves as BaoBao (baby). To overcome their fears, young Chinese needed an extra boost of motivation, a shift in perspective, to step up into adulthood. Thus, was born ACUVUE’s Dare to Change—a rallying call for young Chinese to shift their perspective on their insecurities by daring them to change the one thing they want to change most. The small act of ripping up a piece of paper that represented an insecurity became a strong, personal statement for themselves. This simple, but effective idea of facilitating a change unleashed Chinese millennials aspirations that gave them a voice and helped them conquer their fears both in everyday life and towards contact lenses.

Creative Execution

The Dare to Change campaign utilized an integrated online/offline approach across the consumer journey. To build awareness, the campaign launched a video feed film showing contact lenses’ power to change. 10 influencers responded to the video on social media by writing down an insecurity they dared to change on a piece of paper—inspiring their followers to do the same. For young job seekers considering the switch to contact lenses, ACUVUE hosted an offline event with LinkedIn where stylists and photographers provided free makeovers and professional headshots. ACUVUE then addressed eye health barriers by co-creating eye health content for trusted online educational platforms. Influencers also advocated for eye health by live-streaming themselves going for an eye check. Finally, ACUVUE hosted a major offline event on Eye Care Day (June 6th) to build eye health awareness by giving away free eye exams, encouraging young consumers to take charge of their eye health.

The Campaign was a huge success on two fronts: sales and brand engagement. ACUVUE's hero product overtook competitors and moved to the No. 1 position in market share for the first time ever. New wearers increased 23% year on year, while trial pack sign-ups similarly increased 21%. Total sales increased 31% year on year in both online and offline channels. In ACUVUE’s online TMALL Flagship Store alone, sales increased 1,188% over the course of the campaign. The total campaign had a reach of 49.8 million total impressions. Livestreams received a total 19.3 million views. On GuoKr, WeChat, and WeiBo, social engagement outpaced 2016 by 84% as Eye Health content received a combined total of 2.27 million social reads/views. PR Exposure earned ad value of USD 620,000, and over the course of the campaign, the ACUVUE Baidu Search Index increased 19%.

ACUVUE’s Dare to Change campaign used an integrated approach to communicate with young Chinese millennials on media touch points they most often frequent. From digital, social, key opinion leaders, point of sale, offline events, and live-streaming—the campaign fully embraced an offline/online approach across the consumer journey which led to a significant increase in sales and site traffic.

CHANGE SEEKERS: University Graduates and first job seekers age 21-29 in China's top tier cities. With graduation fast-approaching, young Chinese felt extremely stressed about the pressure to find a job. On social media, they expressed their fear towards adulthood using humorous, but self-deprecating language. Due to their more pampered upbringing, this was the first time they had to take change and their future in their own hands. They were nervous. Despite not feeling confident, young Chinese millennials were eager to look the part. Through clothes and makeup, they sought quick, easy ways to transform. But despite these changes, fresh graduates were still showing up to interviews wearing glasses, a symbol of naiveté and a childhood spent studying. But due to their fear towards contact lenses, this last symbol was the most difficult to leave behind. Change seekers needed an extra boost of motivation to take that decisive step into adulthood.

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