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The Campaign

We discovered that dads play an important role in preventing moms from PPD because their words and deeds have a great influence on moms. However, most of Chinese dads are not good with words and often have no idea of how to help moms in postpartum mood. Inspired by the concept of traditional Chinese books of enlightenment San Tzu Ching which has been teaching Chinese children about basic knowledge with the short and simple text arranged in three-character verses since 13th century, we created a new version for new dads---‘San Tzu Ching To Help Moms’. The new version brings together the experiences and suggestions from experienced families and experts, and it helps guide the dads to use simple 3 words to show understanding and take better care of moms in different scenarios.

Creative Execution

As to the tone and manner of ‘San Tzu Ching To Help Moms’, we hope to balance the traditional style and being entertaining. Therefore, our creative team visited Mr. Deng Huihua, the Chinese Ink Painting Cartoon Artist and the successor to the famous artist Feng Zikai. We invited him to draw for ‘San Tzu Ching To Help Moms’, and his illustrations captured the perfect fusion of traditional Chinese charm and modern life scenes. We found a professional ancient book printing team in Beijing. Every ‘San Tzu Ching To Help Moms’ book is hand-bound by the workers, and captures the classic style of traditional line book in every detail. We also created a digital book, video and other peripheral products on the concept to reach more new dads.

150 million people have been reached by books and other medias; Video has got 25 million views; the biggest infant platform have added San Tzu Ching To Help Moms as a new function in their APP. More than 160 post-partum confinement centers are using 3 CHARACTER CLASSIC against postpartum depression to educate new parents.

Instead of launching a campaign for Friso users only, we created the SAN TZU CHING TO HELP MOMS aiming to help all the news moms in China. We found out the most common problem happening among them, and we deliver the solution to them in as vast a scale as we can, because we believe that every mom deserves a happy time with her baby and her new role. Through this campaign, we pull new parents closer to the brand and get more families to understand the meaning of ‘GROW UP TOGETHER, EXPERIENCE TOGETHER’ which has been advocated by Friso.

More and more people and brands are talking about postpartum depression while most of them emphasized the importance of moms’ self-saving consciousness without offering practical solutions. On the contrary, Friso advances s a brand new insight that dads should fight side by side with moms and offer them guide to do so in consideration of the attribute of Chinese dads.


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