Product / ServiceMETAMUCIL
CategoryA04. Nutraceuticals
Idea Creation 2 McCANN HEALTH Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production TRUCE FILMS Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
June Laffey McCann Health ECD Australia and South East Asia
Vanessa Reynolds McCann Health Writer
Nick Clifford Truce Films Director
Michael Ciccone Truce Films Executive Producer

The Campaign

We had to be bold and visible to create impact in this very low interest category. We had many barriers... but as always to so many problems, the answer began with love. A love story created especially for social media between a giant walking brand icon - a metamucil jar, and a walking poo - Nugget. We created a mini-mockumenary, a spoof of reality dating shows housed on Facebook and Youtube, and rolled out into other elements. The medium allowed us to show health benefits in a unique way, including mode of action video which was actually a POO-MAN game. A world-first?

Creative Execution

We launched april first and put media spend behind the campaign for two weeks hard and then the next 8 weeks softer. We placed only on social media - Facebook and Youtube. Australia is a very unique market - and culturally we tend to laugh at ourselves..and our fascination for toilet humor and poo jokes.

Results are brilliant. Growth rate of Metamucil Usage increased by 12 times vs last year’s growth rate. This was the highest increase in the brand usage growth rate in the last 5 years. Metamucil market share also reached its highest level in history i.e.75.4%. Trial is up by 30% compared to goal of 10%. At time of writing the campaign is still running. However from April 1 to June specific results are: 2.9 million views on Facebook, and on Youtube we have over 2.1 million views. Combined views is 5 million - in an adult population of only 18 million in Australia.The execution to facebook/youtube worked particularly well with cultural contextWe got over 9000 fan engagements on our Facebook page (over 90% positive) which was the highest in the history of Metamucil. PR coverage from magazines and news including Mumberella, Channel 9 Pickle, Campaign.

There is no better branding than having a client logo all the way through a film that is more than two minutes long. A logo and a name that is a major character in the film And the entertainment comes from the love match between a giant walking product - miss meta-mucil - and a giant walking poo.

Our target was very wide, but we wanted to move from the older end to recruiting 35plus to the brand. So many of our target are on social media. This premise, which we developed working closely with the Creative Director of Facebook Creative shop, allows massive visibility, humor -so we could quickly build an emotional connection to the brand, and thumb-stopping power. Facebook allowed us to tell our story without the limitations of worrying about time - or indeed showing a walking poo or a closed door sex scene at any time in the day!! The client loved it too as he had is brand logo up large for much of the 2 minutes 17 seconds this video ran. Re length - instead of following the norm, we punted on a mini mockumentary, as we believed people would watch, like share and importantly buy.


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