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Product / ServiceSURE
CategoryA04. Nutraceuticals
EntrantMcCANN Bangkok, THAILAND
Idea Creation McCANN Bangkok, THAILAND
Production PHENOMENA Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Wichian Thongsuksiri McCann Worldgroup Executive Creative Director
Supachai Toemtechatpong McCann Worldgroup Executive Creative Director
Suramanas Juntima McCann Worldgroup Creative Group Head
Wichian Thongsuksiri McCann Worldgroup Copy Writer
Supachai Toemtechatpong McCann Worldgroup Art Director
Suramanas Juntima McCann Worldgroup Art Director
Natthawut Chuklunthong McCann Worldgroup Junior Art Director
Siriwan Bamrungphol McCann Worldgroup Production Group Head
Jirapa Birasiriwatana McCann Worldgroup Group Business Director
Rasrin Akkaranunkorranich McCann Worldgroup Account Director
Yupin Muntzing McCann Worldgroup Chief Executive Officer
Thananchai Sornsriwichai Phenomena Director
Panida Ngamsompong Phenomena Producer

The Campaign

The story briefly translates the scientific function of “chitosan” to the benefit that can be understood by all walks of life. ‘Chitosan’ is likened to a policeman - capturing the fat that passes through the body. Using this analogy and enhanced by the vigilant nature of Thai policemen it simply compares prohibited goods to fat transferring to each part of human body such as belly and thigh after having meal. All these incidents happen inside the body of Woonsen (Thai Celebrity) after she ingests the Sure supplement.

Creative Execution

The full local campaign was executed from start to finish, including 14 days FDA approval period, within a 3-month turnaround time period. The campaign kicked off with an online film specific targeted to working women via Facebook. After sparking audience’s attention and word of mouth was achieved the TVC was quickly released the following week to achieve mass attention and drove even more traffic to online. At the same moment, other medium with customized message for each touch points were launched such as OOH – TVC and key visual on sky train station, TV Tie-in, and owned social media launch and maintaining :- Lines and Facebook.

Human Impact Immediately after launched, Thai audience started spreading it via their social media channel on that very day. The hugely active reactions from audience created talk of the town impact. One of Thai famous press even raised the topic of weight control diet supplementary and wrote a full page column because of this social impact. This campaign was able to earn even higher returns of Reach, Engagement and Sales despite zero budget spend on media! Reach The Online Film reached 4.7 million organic views within 5 days. Engagement The rate of consumers’ searching for “Verena Sure” immediately increased by up to 109%. And Verena’s call center experienced a record high for inbound calls at an incredible 83% jump from normal levels, handling both inquiries and purchase orders. Sales Sales volume increased by up to 67% within the month and has maintained this level up until now.

The idea was to transfer the scientific functional benefit of product to simple and entertaining to capture Thai audience's attention. The idea is brought to life through a narrative that compares the working of the supplement to that of a vigilant highway policeman. The ‘inside’ story unfolds through a series of entertaining word play and dramatizations from the moment Sure supplement is ingested by local celebrity Woonsen, in which all fat passing through her mouth is captured and unable to pass through to any other part of her body.

Data gathering we researched Thai target consumer and competitive context finding out that: - Thai women desire to be beautiful & slim, yet the process must be very easy, looking for convenient ways that fit to their multi-tasking lifestyle. - Most of the target do not know about “chitosan” and its benefit - No Competitor claims about “chitosan” and its complicated function. Most of them always portray the visual of attractive physical appearance and before-after benefit through online. Approach With the many restrictions, market players have defaulted into a predictable and somewhat generic approach. The only way to break through the clutter was to come at the market and the target in a very different way. Showcasing the unique advantage of the scientific ingredient ‘chitosan’ and it’s function in a highly entertaining way that connected with the audience was the magic mix in gaining the awareness and memorability we required.


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