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Name Company Position
Yash Kulshresth Dentsu Webchutney Associate Creative Director
Advait Naik Dentsu Webchutney Group Account Manager
Niharika Mishra Dentsu Webchutney Art Director
Rahul D'Cruz Dentsu Webchutney Creative Group head

The Campaign

As per American Journal of Health Promotion, jumping 10 times a day twice a day provides greater bone-building benefits than running or jogging. ??This insight formed the backbone of our campaign, #JumpForHealth?A campaign that could have been a fad but ended up being a revolution. ??We asked people to jump 20 times, record their video, upload it on their social media ?handles and nominate their friends. (Fad) ??For every 10,000 jumps we received, we donated a prosthetic leg to someone in need. ?(Revolution) ??Basically, your feet in the air will help someone to walk again. ??We were eyeing at 1million jumps in a month and 100 prosthetic legs.?We crossed that milestone in 5 days. From toddlers to a man at the Everest Base camp, everyone donated jumps. We set a new target of 2 million jumps and 200 prosthetic legs. We surpassed that in just three weeks. ?

Creative Execution

Implementation ?We started with teasers to build hype around the activity. We spread the word through ABHI’s business partners, product distribution channel, finance partners, etc. After that, we explained the science behind #JumpForHealth to our audience through social media. We didn’t want to start the campaign with influencers or gratify participants. We reached out to colleges, schools, gyms, public service offices to garner jumps in large numbers. The second phase of the campaign saw influencers/celebrities participating, which increased the campaign’s online traction. Followed by people from all walks of life. ?With an in-house tool that tracked the hashtag across digital, we calculated an average of 20 jumps per video (we got 2000 in some). A real-time counter-based microsite was created to show the progress to the audience as well. ??? • Timeline ? 30th March - 10th May’17 ?• Placement ?Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Microsite/WhatsApp? Scale?Pan India ??

?  Human Impact?: Transformed lives of 200 people by donating prosthetic legs.?? Reach +? Engagement??: 5.5 million impressions on Facebook 1 lac impressions on Twitter 1000+ posts on Instagram  200% jump in fan base ??? Sales?: This wasn’t aimed at increasing sales but a significant amount of queries increased post campaign.??• Achievement against business targets?The key task was to launch the brand on digital and build a strong brand recall. The campaign did exactly that! Achievement against business targets?: The key task was to launch the brand on digital and build a strong brand recall. The campaign did exactly that! ??

Our understanding of India’s digital landscape, people tend to follow what ?people of similar strata are doing, helped us in our strategy. Also, the fact that video?consumption is on all time high, we knew what format will help us get eyeballs.? We knew getting jumps in large numbers is more beneficial than asking one celebrity/influencer to participate. We reached out to colleges/schools/gyms/offices to give momentum to the campaign. ?We packaged and promoted those videos as ads to influence others similar institutions. ?The second phase of the campaign invited influencers with a varied following. From Tier-2 cities to the most cosmopolitan ones, we handpicked influencers to match the objective and audience. Through friends and families, we managed to reach people outside the country, on top of a mountain, at weddings and even defence base camps to participate and fuel our campaign with varied content. Post this, everything was just


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