Product / ServiceJINS SCREEN
CategoryA03. OTC Products/Devices
Media Placement HAKUHODO MAGNET Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 SUN-AD COMPANY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 4 IRKA Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 5 NANILANI Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yuya Sasaki HAKUHODO magnet Inc. Chief Communication Planner
Ryo Hozoji HAKUHODO magnet Inc. Communication Planner
Takuya Nanba HAKUHODO magnet Inc. Web Planner
Rui Takayama HAKUHODO magnet Inc. Producer
Niro nanilani Inc. Executive Producer
Shinya Sakakibara nanilani Inc. Designer
Aya Iwasaki SUN-AD Company Limited Creative Director
Shunsaku Okuno SUN-AD Company Limited Director
Miwako Bando SUN-AD Company Limited Executive Producer
Motoki Saito Tsumugu Brothers Inc. Production Manager
Kazuhiko Ito IRKA Inc. Interactive Director
Kozo Takahashi IRKA Inc. Programmer
Mitsutoshi Nirengi D.D.WAVE Co., Ltd Director

The Campaign

The best way to avoid blue light is to keep the eyes away from screens. So we created CLOSE YOUR EYES, an application that makes people listen to special messages when the eyes are closed. The message will be recorded through microsite. After selecting the music to be played with the message and a JINS SCREEN (purchase not necessary),URL will be generated which will be sent. When clicked and download the app, recipient could listen to the message only when the eyes closed, by using smartphone face tracking technology to identify whether the eyes are closed. After the voice message and opening the eyes, the recipient will see oneself wearing JINS SCREEN selected by the sender. Then the message, “ it’s not possible to keep the eyes closed , so wear JINS SCREEN ” appears. We wanted to offer an opportunity to think about the eyes and blue light.

Creative Execution

As for the contents, microsite( sample URL: ) and application( sample download app URL: ) was launched simultaneously. Microsite was mainly used for the sender to record the message, and have the message URL generated. Application was prepared for the recipient of URL to open the URL and be able to listen to the message that can only be heard when the eyes are closed. The campaign was announced through store posters, campaign movie, online ad (Yahoo! DSP, Youtube true view,LINE NEWS DIGEST SPOT), and Facebook and instagram link ad. Cinema advertising was also used aiming to reach the many movie-going single and married couples during the holiday season. Not only did the exposures generate traffic to CLOSE YOUR EYES, but they led to capture numerous non-paid articles, and triggered shares through SNS, making this service aware among many people.

Lots of people joined and were moved by the campaign generating below results. - JINS SCREEN unit sales +45% - Total of CLOSE YOUR EYES participants 220,000 - Total seconds of eyes closed 596,640 - Total Media Impressions more than 48.8 million While there were many who sent messages expressing considerations for the eyes, there were many more that were unexpected. Feelings that are not often expressed were communicated. An idol talent used twitter to send the message to the fans. There even was one who proposed to the loved one using CLOSE YOUR EYES. CLOSE YOUR EYES not just helped people think about eye strain. CLOSE YOUR EYES brought people closer, which was the most important result.

The reason why this work is relevant for Branded Content & Entertainment is because through Branded Content, people's calls to action were evoked. Usually the eyes get tired under unconsciously, but this successfully informed the importance of taking care of the eyes by delivering the message through friends, lovers, and people close to the consumers, not through the messages communicated by the companies.

We wanted it to ask the people to “keep the eyes away from screens.” Unfortunately, people tend not to listen to messages communicated by the companies. On the other hand, messages from the loved ones move people. So we found a way for people to keep the eyes away from screens by having them listen to the message from the loved ones. The messages can only be heard when the eyes are closed. Because we wanted people to take care of their eyes during the holiday season, we chose to have the message asking people to do so sent by those who care as a gift and not as a message from JINS.


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