CategoryF04. Education & Awareness
EntrantDENTSU Y&R Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation DENTSU Y&R Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

The son visits his mother, who has osteoporosis but lives alone in her hometown, to ask her to move in with his family. She does not directly answer him, but rather, takes him shopping. Seeing his mother enjoying lively interaction with the people at the market, the son realises how deeply her life is connected with her hometown and being independent. Later at home, the son again raises the issue with his mother of living together. By asking her son to taste her miso soup, she communicates her true feelings, that she wishes to stay in a familiar environment and continue to live independently, rather than being cared for by her son or his family. The son decides to respect her wish to stay in her hometown and live on her own. And to make it possible, he vows to help her stay on regular treatment for osteoporosis.


Name Company Position
Susumu Kato  Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  Senior Vice President
Junichi Takano Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  Group Campaign Director
Takanobu Nanri Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  Senior Campaign Director
Masatoshi Ohmi Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  Campaign Director
Yasuyuki Miyauchi Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc. Creative Director  
Akiko Shirasu Color Inc. Copywriter
Takuo Shima Nice Co Ltd Producer
Tomoichiro Setsuda Nice Co Ltd. Production manager 
Futoshi Sato Freelance Director
Takahiro Tsutai Freelance Cinematographer
Kenji Ishida Freelance Gaffer
Ryuji Shirakawa  Freelance  Director assistant 
Manabu Satou  Phalaris co., Ltd  Video engineer 
Kazuki Tazaki Nouvelle Vague Co.Ltd Production Designer
Arisa Takematsu  Nouvelle Vague Co.Ltd Production Designer
Yoshiaki Kitahara Freelane Sound Design
Moku Reveal Entertainment Inc.  Music 
Haruhide Ishikawa Huckleberry Inc. Art Director
Chika Yokote Freelance  Stylist 
Kaori Uchida Freelance  Hair&Make up 
Masako Yamauchi Quesera  Casting director 
Kenichiro Miyake PAI Location Service  Location coordinator 
Hiroyuki Nakada Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc. Group Account Director
Shinji Kuchiba Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc. Account Director
Hirotaka Sugimoto Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc. Assistant Planner
Jiro Hayashi Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc. Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc.
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