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Idea Creation 2 MRM//McCANN Shanghai, CHINA
Media Placement J3 Shanghai, CHINA
Production 2 MRM//McCANN Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Wilton Boey McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Group Creative Director
Barbara Jiang McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Creative Director
Betty Jiang MRM/McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Sr Creative Director
Cia Hatzi McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Regional VP
Anne Dumesges J&J Vision Marketing Director
Thelma Zhao J&J Vision Brand Manager
Crystal Zhao J&J Vision Brand Manager
Callie Tan McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Businiss Director
Chelsea Lin McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Senior Account Manager
Serena Feng McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Account Executive
Daniel Wu McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Senior Art Director
King Bao McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Associate Art Director
Stone Zhou McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Group Head
Helene Huber McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Senior Planner
Hoong Wei Ling MRM//McCANN Shanghai Account Director
Ikari Xu MRM//McCANN Shanghai Senior Account executive
Canossa Fong McCann Worldgroup Shanghai Senior Producer
Aaron Cho Universal McCann Head of Digital Media
Charlene Jiang Universal McCann Portfolio Manager

The Campaign

The Big Idea: Gei Wo Yi Dian Ai (Give Me a little love) Love in Chinese is pronounced “Ai” which when said aloud sounds like “eye”. Translated, the overall campaign idea was “give your eyes a little love” from the perspective of an eyeball. The purpose of the campaign was to get people to take better care of their eyes by leveraging little known Eye Care Awareness Day. The campaign not only busted category misconceptions, but also rallied people to go for an eye check in order to take better care of their eyes.

Creative Execution

The eye health campaign built up to Eye Care Day (June 6th), where ACUVUE encouraged consumers to give their eyes a little love. Leading up to the event, ACUVUE released short entertaining videos on social channels featuring a giant eyeball that ran into doors, rear-ended cars, and was overall exhausted because he hadn’t gone for an eye check. New eye health comics busted myths on owned media channels, while co-created eye health content drove eye health awareness on educational platform GuoKr. Finally, Eye Care Day arrived. The PR event advocated eye health through free eye tests. Through their CSR program Sight For Kids, ACUVUE also helped kids from low-income families receive proper eye care. To amplify the event online for a younger audience, a well-known influencer live-streamed themselves going for an eye check. Live-streaming made the exam less intimidating while also educating consumers on the benefits of proactive eye care.

ACUVUE’S Eye Health Campaign was a resounding success. The campaign received a total 16.5 million impressions. In addition, live-stream views totaled 13.8 million views. PR exposure from the event earned ad value of USD 620,000. New wearers increased 14% during the month of June, while contact lens trial sign-ups increased 12%. But the campaign also positively impacted the business: Online sales in ACUVUE’s T-Mall Flagship store increased 183% during the month of the campaign, while offline year on year sales increased 27%, hitting a record two-week high during the eye care day promotion.

ACUVUE’s Eye Care Day campaign used an integrated approach to communicate with young Chinese millennials about Eye Health on the media touch points they most often frequent. From digital, key opinion leaders, point of sale, an offline event, and live-streaming—the campaign fully embraced an offline/online approach across the consumer journey which led to a significant increase in awareness, sales, and site traffic.

The Chinese are the world’s most health-conscious consumers. 73% are willing to trade up or pay a premium for products they feel are healthier (BCG Perspectives). But eyes are a different story. Many Chinese consumers believe contacts cause eye damage. Unlike other markets where professional eye doctors fit and teach their patients how to wear contact lenses, Chinese consumers try on contact lenses at home. Without a proper understanding of how to clean, care for, or wear contact lenses, the likelihood wearers will have a poor experience runs high—reinforcing negative attitudes towards the overall category. Despite these well-known barriers, no brand has championed eye health in China. After hearing countless horror stories in consumer interviews, eye health became more than a business opportunity, but an imperative mission. ACUVUE needed to raise awareness for proper eye health and care in a market that was sorely lacking.


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