Product / ServiceANIMAL RIGHTS
CategoryD01. Animal Health
Production ORIENTAL FILMS Montevideo, URUGUAY
Production 2 NEON SOUND Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Erick Rosa MullenLowe Singapore Executive Creative Director
Ang Sheng Jin MullenLowe Singapore creative director
Daniel Kee MullenLowe Singapore creative director
Martin Coppola MullenLowe Singapore art director
Fabio Santos MullenLowe Singapore art director
Alex Tan MullenLowe Singapore art director
Andrew Ho MullenLowe Singapore art director
Jon Ng MullenLowe Singapore Copywriter
Pamela Phang MullenLowe Singapore producer
Gonzalo Olivera MullenLowe Singapore Group Account Director
Nadrah Rozman MullenLowe Singapore Account Executive
Charly Gutierrez Oriental Films director
Diego Robino Oriental Films executive producer
Veronica Andrich Oriental Films producer
Valentina Luque Oriental Films Vestuarista
Agustin Claramunt Oriental Films Director Of Photography
Adriana Amejeiras Oriental Films post producer
Cecilia Guerriero Oriental Films art director
Terence Chan Neon Sound Singapore Executive Producer (Music & Sound)

The Campaign

AETP, Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People poses a very simple question: If the world was the other way around, would animals do to us what we do to them? Would animals ill-treat and be inhuman to human beings for their personal gain? We created an organization that has animals advocating for the ethical treatment of humans –AETP. Like PETA but by the animals and for the people.

Creative Execution

The digital content had the animals describing precisely what humans do to animals, BUT as if it was actually being done to people. We then setup a website that is an exact replica of PETA’s. But, again, the content is animals canvassing for people in a context where humans are the ones being used for testing and being tortured and abused in zoos, circuses and shows. Some of the headlines read: ‘Why should humans have rights?’ ‘Speak out against torture of Men during Annual Festival.’ By simply flipping the ‘person’ behind the words, it was fairly easily to understand PETA’s mission to end cruelty of all kinds. The films, the website and posts were featured on PETA’s social channels across the world— starting on April 24th.

The campaign has resonated with animal lovers and they have adopted the message. In just a little over a week, the campaign has grown organically with over 1 million views and 5000 shares. Many see in this campaign an impactful and effective way to reach those who remain indifferent.

PETA wished to highlight the subject of ill-treatment of animals in the food industry. While, the norm has been to use graphic videos, the style of films don’t seem to cut through with many being turned off and ignoring the issue. Animals for Ethical Treatment of People is a campaign that turned the message on its head and made for films that were engaging and relatable. By using real animals it captivates, connects and communicates to a far wider audience that is fresh and relevant.

Ethical treatment can be a difficult topic to get across to people. Many campaigns, including PETA’s, have resorted to showing cruelty of animals – the graphic images can be off-putting. And many people even believe such material as being deliberately overt to drum up views. So, we adopted a very different strategy for the campaign. Shock tactics were replaced by a tongue-in-cheek tone. Slaughter houses were replaced with lush fields. Even celebrity spokespersons were replaced by real animals. Everything about the campaign had changed except the truth about the cruelty of the food industry’s practices. By delivering the same message in a refreshing execution, we could communicate to everyone interested in animals and animal welfare.


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