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The Campaign

We created a soap pump with a built-in electronic timer and speaker so that kids know how long they should scrub before rinsing their hands It’s difficult for children to understand the importance of hygiene. If you’ve seen a child wash their hands, you know how challenging it is to get them to wash for 20 straight seconds. So instead, we decided to give them a reason to want to wash their hands. To complement our innovative solution, we created the story of the Dirty Monster that can only be defeated by washing him away. When pressed, our soap pump plays a 20-second song about this Dirty Monster. Throughout our campaign, we built up this character and gave children the power to fight him. We used our product to turn handwashing into a fun activity, and challenged children to fight off the dirty monster by using a 5-step handwashing choreography.

Creative Execution

We designed a soap pump with a built-in timer to extend kids’ washing time. When it is pressed, the LED timer is activated and plays a 20-second song that ends right when it’s time to rinse. Our song tells the story of a “Dirty Monster” (???) who gets washed away by water and vanishes. Each verse was accompanied by a hand gesture or “step” for scrubbing your hands, creating a 5-step “choreography”. We began by deploying these soap bottles to 10 schools across southern rural China in Q2, and every carton carrying the soap was designed to fold out and separate into educational posters to be hung around the establishment. With the help of the teaching staff, we kept track of children’s handwashing habits to evaluate our results. We are now planning to extend this program to 20 schools across Guangdong province by Q4.

Our venture was a success, and schools across Guangdong province rejoiced: • School attendance improved as absenteeism due to sickness dropped by 82% after 3 months. • We delivered over 10,000 bottles of hand soap. • Reaching over 2000 children in 10 schools across Guangdong, with plans to extend to 20 schools across Southern China by Q4 of 2017. • And most importantly, we taught kids a valuable lesson that will stay with them for the rest of their healthy lives.

Orange Clean is a Chinese brand of hand soap that is made of 100% non-toxic materials. In fact, the manufacturer even claims that you can safely ingest the product. Compared to the toxicity of other brands, our soap is ideal for young children to wash their hands with.

Orange Clean is a Chinese brand of hand soap that is made of 100% non-toxic materials, making it the ideal product for young children to wash their hands with. We sought to measure the impact of proper handwashing to demonstrate the importance of hygiene in children’s health. Our working hypothesis was that we could improve overall school attendance by making kids wash their hands more thoroughly. We started by reaching out to a school in rural Shenzhen. There, we deployed our product and taught the young children how to properly wash their hands in 20 seconds. After 3 months, we compared the attendance numbers and showed how something as simple as hand hygiene can reduce illnesses and keep more kids in school.