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Name Company Position
Juan Jose Posada Geometry Global UK Chief Creative Officer
Edwin Pineda Geometry Global Colombia Executive Creative Director
Julian Hernandez Geometry Global Hong Kong Executive Creative Director
Julian Guarin Barkach Geometry Global Colombia Creative Director
Carlos Arredondo Geometry Global Colombia Creative Director
Zeph Teng Geometry Global Hong Kong Associate Creative Director
Carlos Bedoya Geometry Global Hong Kong Senior Art Director
Jay Lee Geometry Global Hong Kong Copywriter
Xavier Serrano Geometry Global Colombia Chief Executive Officer
David Paysant Geometry Global Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer
Omar Romero Geometry Global Colombia Planning Director
Julian Delamain Geometry Global Hong Kong Planning Director
Garron Chiu Geometry Global Hong Kong Strategist
Camilo Afanador Geometry Global Colombia Regional Production Vice President
Maria Paula Marmolejo Geometry Global Colombia General Account Director
Daniela Abril Geometry Global Colombia Account Executive
Harshad Sreedharan Geometry Global Hong Kong Business Director
Anastasia Simone Franz Geometry Global Hong Kong Art Director
Alex DeMello Geometry Global Hong Kong Copywriter
Celia Wang Geometry Global Hong Kong Account Manager
Kathy Yu Geometry Global Hong Kong Account Manager
Pablo Verbeke Geometry Global Hong Kong Videographer
Ivan Meza Geometry Global Colombia Independent Creative
Alex Del Rio Geometry Global Colombia Independent Creative
Andres Colantoni Whisky Films Country Manager and Partner
Andres Moreno Latina Post Creative Director
Camilo Lucena Machina Studio Audio Director
David Cardenas Sonido Azulado Colombia Audio Director

The Campaign

We realized that stopping the demand might be impossible. So, we decided to redirect it, towards a natural, sustainable alternative. In other words, swap Flora For Fauna. We created a brand of aphrodisiacs made from the Colombian Chontaduro; a fruit so powerful it’s popularily compared to Viagra. Inspired by the neon lights of Hong Kong’s red light districts, we camouflaged our products (drink mixers, rubbing oils, and candles) as “forbidden elixirs” to attract Chinese consumers of exotic sex enhancers and to successfully infiltrate the main channels where illegal aphrodisiacs are often seen and consumed. To complete the disguise, we gave our brand a catchy Chinese name: She Shou Tao (or Orgasmic Peach). We created a visual design language dramatizing the sexual transformation promised upon consumption. By introducing our brand into the market, we hoped to re-direct demand and educate Chinese men in their home turf.

Creative Execution

To ensure our brand would seamlessly blend into the illegal aphrodisiacs category, we created an appropriately inappropriate visual identity inspired by the neon lights of red light districts in China. We then created an online presence with a dedicated website where consumers could purchase our products. To generate awareness, we used banners to advertise the brand on several relevant websites, including popular escort sites. Next, we distributed our products in Shenzen, Hong Kong, and Macau, primarily in local sex shops, but also in nightclubs and saunas. Consumers could even order a massage with our rubbing oil at choice massage parlors. Local cam girls continued the buzz online by advertising our products during live shows and through their social media pages. Consumers who purchased our products became aware of the campaign from the leaflet contained inside which invited them to learn more about the initiative on our campaign site.

We created a range of sustainable aphrodisiacs to help men while protecting endangered species for years to come. CULTURAL IMPACT: We helped China boost its mojo with a legal and sustainable solution that comes right on time as the one-child policy ended in 2015. SALES: Since March 2016, we delivered over 500kg of Chontaduro-based products. These were initially available in 3 venues in Shenzhen. Soon, our distribution extended to e-commerce, now available throughout Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Guilin, Kunming, and Xiamen with plans for countrywide expansion. SOCIAL IMPACT: The Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development is helping hundreds of small Chontaduro producers in Colombia access the world's largest aphrodisiacs market. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: According to WildAid Hong Kong, every kilo of product sold gave an endangered species a fighting chance: - 1 rhino horn: 2,3k - 1 bear testicle: 500g - 1 tiger penis: 900g - 1 sea cucumber: 300g

Through our campaign targeting illegal aphrodisiacs in China, we duped consumers into interacting with our brand of legal, sustainable aphrodisiacs in various channels including sex shops, nightclubs, saunas, and massage parlors. Consumers who interacted with our products unknowingly helped to protect endangered species and supported small Chontaduro producers in Colombia.

Our products were specially formulated to infiltrate specific channels: drink mixers for bars, nightclubs and sex shops; rubbing oils and candles for saunas and massage parlors. We identified these channels as establishments where our competition (traditional illegal aphrodisiacs) typically resided. To successfully infiltrate them, every detail of our visual identity, from naming to final packaging, was crafted to blend into the illegal aphrodisiacs category look and feel. For our launch, we targeted the venues at the heart of the illegal wildlife trade: Shenzhen, in Southern China. She Shou Tao attracted the attention of animal aphrodisiacs consumers, mainly Chinese men in their 40s who believe in traditional Chinese remedies that operate under the assumption that eating animal parts will grant you their characteristics. Those who purchased our products found a leaflet inside containing information about the destructive nature of animal aphrodisiacs and the purpose of our initiative.