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Name Company Position
Prasoon Joshi McCann Worldgroup India Chief Creative Officer
Prateek Bhardwaj McCann Worldgroup India National Creative Director
Kapil Batra McCann Worldgroup India Executive Creative Director
Rohit Devgun McCann Worldgroup India Executive Creative Director
Ashish Nath McCann Worldgroup India Copywriter
Vaibhav Pandey McCann Worldgroup India Copywriter
Musfar Khan McCann Worldgroup India Art Director
Chandan Kumar McCann Worldgroup India Designer
Jeet Kalra McCann Worldgroup India Agency Producer
Satish Kataria McCann Worldgroup India Editor
Saurabh Kabra Collective Art Director

The Campaign

Kids find handwashing boring. How do we make it fun and playful for them? For this, we transformed handwashing into something they love: bursting bubbles. We blew giant bubbles, powered with Dettol Handwash, near the food stalls at the fairs. Every time kids burst them, their hands got disinfected. We also created special-edition bubble guns, so that kids became ambassadors of handwashing at home too.

Creative Execution

In a stretch of five months, we organized the first phase of this activity simultaneously in more than a dozen fairs. As an on-going exercise it is being carried out in various fairs across the country.

Over 230,000 kids were engaged at India’s biggest fairs. India’s renowned doctors and medical experts gave a thumbs up to this exercise. Not just this, National Integrated Medical Association, India’s leading medical organization also endorsed the activity. India's leading fair organizers have now invited Dettol to organize this activity in over 100 fairs. With this, Dettol aims to reach out to over 1 million kids by 15 October 2017, World Handwashing Day.

The activity was organized in local Indian fairs, which gave us an opportunity to interact with kids, in real time. With these fairs, receiving a footfall of over 10,000 kids a day, Dettol promoted the habit of handwashing in them, without interrupting the fun. To date, more than 230,000 kids were engaged in this activity, at the biggest fairs across India. With this fun and engaging activity, Dettol ended up becoming a name synonymous with handwashing for kids.

A typical Indian fair attracts more than 20,000 people a day, comprising mostly kids. These fairs have everything kids love: rides, games and food. But they’re also their single biggest exposure to germs and infections. We used this opportunity to engage children into handwashing, without interrupting the fun.