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Name Company Position
Tomaz Mok McCann Shanghai Chairman
Ng Tian It McCann Shanghai Chief Creative Officer
Nireus Lee McCann Shanghai Creative Director
Lori Deng McCann Shanghai Associate Creative Director
Annabel Xiong McCann Shanghai Creative Group Head
Eva Du McCann Shanghai Creative Group Head
Holly Gan McCann Shanghai Copywriter
Shelley Xu McCann Shanghai Account Business Diretor
Rex Chang McCann Shanghai Account Director
Ashley Yang McCann Shanghai Account Manger
Christine Chen McCann Shanghai Agency Producer
Xie Peng LINKFILMS Director

The Campaign

In China, there is a superstition that women should not tell anyone about their pregnancy before it becomes visible. The first trimester of pregnancy is difficult for mothers, because people around them unknowingly treat them as though they are not pregnant, potentially endangering their pregnancies. Nearly two million women abort in the first three months of pregnancy in China, due to unspoken stresses they deal with alone, and in silence. The creative strategy was to make this invisible problem visible, expressing the invisibility and fragility of a first trimester mother by rendering her portrait in glass: the Invisible Mum. The Invisible Mum campaign started with a glass sculpture in high traffic areas, and directed people to discover emoticons that educate on the challenges of invisible pregnancies, a new language to start the conversation without breaking the taboo of the local cultural superstition.

Creative Execution

To create the Invisible Mum, we collaborated with the curator of China’s first glass art gallery, to forge a one of a kind, one-to-one size glass artwork. We then placed the Invisible Mum in Hongqiao Plaza, a fashionable shopping district of Shanghai, to launch the campaign on May 8th, kicking off an online campaign that ran from May 9th to May 30th. When the crowd gathered around the Invisible Mum, they could scan the QR code, accessing more information on an H5 site, and apply for a customized emoji mask to draw attention to the issue. Online touch points were limited to Wyeth MAMA Wechat, BBS, and Wyeth MAMA club loyalty program.

The campaign succeeded in creating buzz about this overlooked topic, and creating enhanced brand awareness and favorable impression of Wyeth MAMA. The Invisible Mum was indeed no longer invisible. ? Views on mother-to-child APPs?16,425,624 times ? Views on Wechat?226,937 ? BBS comments?303,598 ? Unique users participation?16,652,561

In China, first trimester moms often struggle when people unknowingly treat them as though they are not pregnant, endangering their pregnancy. The Invisible Mum campaign drove awareness and curiosity with an eye- catching life size glass sculpture of an ‘invisible mom’, but the true campaign objective was to influence behavior, with a direct response call to action to download and share digital assets that educate how to be more conscientious of first trimester pregnancies. Invisible Mum was a social action campaign by Wyeth MAMA, a premium infant milk powder brand seeking to establish ‘caring credential’ with young mothers-to- be.

Our halo target was young pregnant women in their early 20’s. A new generation of young mothers from the single child generation, they are digital and social natives, connecting with new values and strategies for handling motherhood. To reach her, we needed to create new news, but also tell a richer story where she lives, on digital. We wanted to create a topic of conversation among the general public, as everyone may be interacting with ‘invisible mums’ in daily life. Our approach was to start with an eye- catching stunt in a high- traffic shopping area of Shanghai, and connect to an online platform for further education, and introduction to the solution just right for digital savvy moms- an emoticon code. The call to action was to ‘Make Invisible Mums Visible’ by sharing our emoticon code and ordering a free face mask with the same icon.