Product / ServiceCARDLESS CASH
CategoryA05. Product Launch/re-Launch or Multi-Product Promotion
Entrant Company M&C SAATCHI Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency M&C SAATCHI Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Ben Welsh M&C Saatchi Executive Creative Director
Andy Flemming M&C Saatchi Creative Director
Michael Andrews M&C Saatchi Creative Director
Gustavo Vampre M&C Saatchi Art Director
Becca Duggan M&C Saatchi Art Director
Rowan Bancroft M&C Saatchi Art Director
Josephine Phillips/Geoff Reid M&C Saatchi Copywriter
Sharon Lewis M&C Saatchi Executive Producer
Anthony Harca M&C Saatchi Senior Producer
Jacinta Karras M&C Saatchi Digital Producer
Roger Chapman M&C Saatchi Head of Technology
Stuart O'Connell M&C Saatchi Senior Software Engineer
Ticiana Andrade M&C Saatchi Software Engineer
Richard Smith M&C Saatchi Design Director
Cameron Johnson M&C Saatchi Digital Designer
Eithne McSwiney M&C Saatchi Group Head
Hayley Mathews M&C Saatchi Senior Account Director
Alex Roper M&C Saatchi Strategy Director
Ahmed Baghdadi M&C Saatchi Senior UX Specialist
Laurene Desire M&C Saatchi Data Strategist

Brief Explanation

CommBank’s new Cardless Cash technology, available in the CommBank app, allows customers to withdraw money from a CommBank ATM without their card. CommBank is the first in the market to introduce this innovation. We created a digital promotion to launch this new technology and hid 100 wallets in the largest photograph ever taken of Sydney (125 Gigapixels) for people to find and redeem cash prizes. Winners received a code to their smartphone to claim $200 using the new Cardless Cash technology. Of course, the prize was only redeemable by first downloading the CommBank app. The promotion lasted 2 weeks, Monday-Friday from 6am to 6pm.

The Brief

Cardless Cash is a safe and reliable innovation to help customers through a nerve-wracking time like losing your wallet. Yet extracting cash from an ATM with only smartphone code was a totally foreign experience for people. The challenge was to educate people about the new technology and make them feel comfortable withdrawing money without their card. Therefore a promotion that drove demonstration and trial of the technology itself was perfect. The activation drove traffic to download the CommBank app, and those clever enough to find a wallet got to experience the new technology first hand.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The ‘Where’s My Wallet?’ promotion increased daily visits to the product page by 117%, while app downloads increased by 15%. During the 10 days of gameplay the site received 43,000 unique visitors, spending on average 12 minutes on the site, while winners took on average 64 minutes to find a wallet. On the 9th day, the average was 133 minutes! The game generated the highest level of positive social media engagement that CommBank has received. And in the first few months the campaign resulted in more than 420,000 Cardless Cash transactions - more than $40 million withdrawn without a card. Preference for CommBank for day-to-day transactions also rose above campaign norms by over 10%.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

We created a multi-platform, interactive game, hiding 100 wallets inside the largest panoramic shot ever taken of Sydney (125 Gigapixels), for people to find for cash prizes. Once a wallet was found, winners received a code to their smartphone to claim $200 using the Cardless Cash technology, thus trialing the new service itself. The promotion ran for 2 weeks, Monday to Friday, starting at 6am to target commuters. We hid 10 wallets a day, giving away $20,000 in total. Clues to the wallet locations were released throughout the day, on the site and social media. We used radio to further promote the campaign and achieved front-page news on high traffic online news portals. The campaign evolved whilst live, as engagement was higher than anticipated and wallets were being found too quickly. The difficulty of the game was increased and the clues delayed to make the game more challenging.