Grand Prix
Product / ServiceBINDI
CategoryA02. Creative Innovation (incl. business solutions in association with a brand or creative campaign)
Entrant Company GREY GROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency GREY GROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company HFILMS Milan, ITALY


Name Company Position
Ali Shabaz Grey Group Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Ali Shabaz Grey Group Singapore Copywriter
Sudhir Pasumarty / Sandeep Bhardwaj / Cinza Crociani Grey Group Singapore Art Director
Karn Singh Grey Group Singapore Copywriter
Sudhir Pasumarty / Cinzia Crociani / Tan Giap How Grey Group Singapore Designer
Sandeep Bhardwaj / Sudhir Pasumarty Grey Group Singapore Project Manager
Gaurav Arora/ Juhi Manwani Grey Group Singapore Account Director
Marie Tan Grey Group Singapore Account Manager
Jim Chai Grey Group Singapore Senior FA Artist
Bobby Koh Grey Group Singapore Production Manager
Huma Qureshi Grey Group Singapore Regional Director, PR & Corporate Communications
Yanrong Pang Grey Group Singapore Regional Corporate Communication Executive
Jacinta Loo Grey Group Singapore Producer
Timothy Lee / Bobby Aguila / Aaron Tan Grey Group Singapore Editor
Aaron Tan / Bobby Aguila Greyworks Motion Graphic Artist
Marco Iodice Greyworks Composer
Balasubramanaiyan Suruliraj Greyworks Developer
Giovanni Fantoni Madena Greyworks Director
Matte Chi Grey Group Singapore DOP

The Brief

Iodine deficiency is a problem that plagues most of rural India. Women suffer the most and are often the victims of Breast Cancer, Fibrocystic Breast Disease and complications during pregnancy. And even though supplements in the form of pills are available, women weren’t in the habit of consuming them. A simple yet non-intrusive solution was needed urgently. Almost every Indian woman wears a bindi - a traditional symbol of beauty. But we realized that these tiny little dots could do more. They could save lives. Talwar Bindis, in association with Neelvasant Medical Foundation and Research Centre, introduced The Life Saving Dot, Jeevan Bindi – an idea that transformed bindis into iodine patches.

The Life Saving Dots were distributed to thousands of women across rural India via health camps and clinics, helping them battle an iodine deficiency. More importantly, in a nation of 500 million women, these tiny little dots were no longer just a symbol of beauty; they now spelt the difference between life and death.

The challenge was to find a clever and non-intrusive way of giving these women the required dosage of iodine. We tapped into local culture and customs and realized that almost every Indian woman wears a bindi - a traditional symbol of beauty. So we asked ourselves, what if these tiny little dots could do more? What if they could save lives?