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CategoryA07. Use of Print or Standard Outdoor in a Promotional Campaign
Entrant Company BBDO PAKISTAN Lahore, PAKISTAN
Advertising Agency BBDO PAKISTAN Lahore, PAKISTAN


Name Company Position
Muhammad Ahmed Mustafa BBDO Pakistan Senior Art Director / Concept
Assam Khalid BBDO Pakistan Strategic Planning Director
Aamir Allibhoy BBDO Pakistan General Manager
Sahar Mullick BBDO Pakistan Associate Creative Director
Ali Rez BBDO Pakistan Creative Director
Imran Khan BBDO Pakistan Junior Art Director
Atif Pasha BBDO Pakistan Production Manager
Faisal Durrani BBDO Pakistan Deputy General Manager
Assam Khalid BBDO Pakistan Creative Director
Idrees Hussain BBDO Pakistan Senior Account Manager
Muhammad Ahsan Video / Photography
Mujtaba Hussain Shah Director of Photography / Cinematographer
Ali Rez BBDO Pakistan Art Director
Madeeha Noor BBDO Pakistan Creative Director
Muhammad Moiz Khan BBDO Pakistan Photographer

Brief Explanation

The most effective pieces of work in promotion are the ones that reach out and touch people's hearts. Our intention was to do something good for people, which in turn would promote the brand by itself. Through a simple shift in the way people viewed outdoor billboards, we managed to create a promotional buzz which resulted in lots of love for the brand. This was promotion at its best: a concept that was highly relevant to the brand, one which led to making people's lives better.


An estimated half a million homeless people sleep on the streets in every metro city of Pakistan. Most of them are out of town laborers who work hard during the day performing intense physical labor and have nowhere to sleep during the night. Nowhere but the hard pavements. Moltyfoam, Pakistan’s largest manufacturers of mattresses, decided to help. With our promise of a good night’s sleep, we provided a solution to people sleeping outdoors. By using outdoor. We designed the world’s first BillBed – a billboard that converts into a bed at night. We put up 150 BillBeds across 9 cities with a budget of less than $20000.

The Brief

Pakistan's leading mattress brand, MoltyFoam, had suffered a decline in brand love and we needed to prove our goal of providing a good night's sleep to everyone - regardless of their background. There are an estimated half a million homeless people in every metro city of Pakistan. Most are out town laborers who work hard during the day and have nowhere to sleep at night. Nowhere but the hard pavements. We saw an opportunity to help and decided to provide a solution. We designed the world's first BillBed. A billboard designed from the product itself.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The campaign went viral on social media, attracting the attention of politicians and celebrities alike who took notice of the situation, raising awareness of the plight of these laborers. Even though our goal was strictly CSR, the campaign renewed people’s love for the brand and ended up raising sales by 2%, a significant increase for a 'life event' product. In a recent survey, brand love had increased by 68%, while purchase intent rose by 82%. Most importantly though, we provided a good night's sleep to countless homeless laborers, something they truly appreciated. Some laborers even reported that a better night's sleep allowed them to work more the next day, thereby raising their income.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

With MoltyFoam's promise of a good night’s sleep, our strategy was to help the people who needed it the most; the homeless laborers who slept on the hard pavements. We decided to provide a solution to people sleeping outdoors. By using outdoor. The creative execution was the product itself. Rather than just spend money on static billboards, we decided to turn them into functional devices that would actually help people get a good night's sleep. By day the BillBeds advertised the brand, and by night - with a simple flick - they transformed into comfortable beds. The weatherproof BillBeds were placed in over150 locations in 9 major cities across Pakistan, all for under $20,000. A short documentary was created and placed on social media. 8 months since the launch of our campaign, we continue to add 15 BillBeds in new locations every month.