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Name Company Position
John Mescall McCann Melbourne Executive Creative Director
Pat Baron McCann Melbourne Executive Creative Director
David Ponce de Leon McCann Melbourne Creative Director
Pat Baron McCann Melbourne Art Director
Andrew Jones McCann Melbourne Art Director
Andrew Jones McCann Melbourne Associate Creative Director
Scott Hall McCann Melbourne Designer
Dave Budd McCann Melbourne Designer
Alex Wadelton McCann Melbourne Copywriter
John Mescall McCann Melbourne Copywriter
Adrian Mills McCann Melbourne Managing Director
Tony Prysten McCann Melbourne Digital Director
Joe Guario McCann Melbourne Senior Digital Producer
Will Hollosy McCann Melbourne Senior Account Manager
Serrin Dewar McCann Melbourne Group Account Director
Alec Hussain McCann Melbourne Group Account Director
Danish Chan McCann Melbourne Senior Planner
Victoria Conners McCann Melbourne Agency Producer
Chelsea Nieper McCann Melbourne Agency Producer

Brief Explanation

Tigerair Infrequent Flyers Club was born out of an immediate need to create a uniquely targeted direct marketing database to market from. Without the budgets to compete with key market players, we needed to create a campaign designed to drive immediate registration and access to the very best deals that Tigerair could offer. The Infrequent Flyers Club lived online. Digital advertising drove direct to the platform, with targeted media buys across pre-roll, display, page takeovers and social advertising encouraging members to join the club. Offline posters and an airport installation of a false members lounge saw the member count quickly rise. Members couldn’t earn points. They couldn’t earn status. By they did get the very best deals to places they wanted to go, customised to their unique profile. By driving immediate action, the campaign quickly created a high value database that continues to drive sales in a consistently relevant way.

The Brief

First, we needed more people flying Tigerair, more often. We needed to give people a reason to choose Tigerair, not as a last resort because it was the cheapest option, but as their first port of call because it offered the best value. The second part of the brief was born out of a financial reality. Tigerair doesn’t have the budget to compete against the big 3 airlines in advertising or media spend. If they were to succeed in driving sales in the long-term, they would need to develop a more direct relationship with their customers.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The Infrequent Flyers Club gave Tigerair Australia a new lease on life. The campaign captured the attention of media with Infrequent Flyers Club gaining coverage across major news outlets. For the first time in years, Tigerair Australia was in the news for something positive! More importantly, Infrequent Flyers delivered remarkable results. • Half a million members. • $2 million in direct sales in the last three months. • 45 million target audience impressions. • Tigerair’s first profitable quarter in 5 years. Despite a sub-optimal brand reputation and worrying rate of rejection, the appeal of the club was undeniable. The Infrequent Flyers Club campaign has sparked a re-appraisal of Tigerair amongst a cynical audience whilst also driving sales. The campaign has delivered in its first year an annualised ROI of 229%. A brand that people once loved to hate, and only flew as a last resort, has become something people are buying into.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

With a limited budget, everything was created to disrupt the expectations of what airline should offer through a four-phase campaign. Phase 1: Create a platform: We created the Infrequent Flyers Club; a bespoke CRM platform that parodied the clichés of expected frequent flyer programmes and delivered great value deals direct to customers. Phase 2: Launch through Owned and Earned channels. We leveraged media relationship in mainstream outlets, airline industry publications, air-travel forums, and social platforms including Facebook and Twitter. We also leveraged our sponsorship with the Melbourne Strom Rugby League team. Phase 3: Accelerate growth and drive awareness A fully integrated media campaign including digital display, social, radio, cinema and outdoor drove awareness to targeted audiences. Phase 4: Encourage sharing. All elements of the campaign were designed to be shareable, including fares with EDM. We released content week by week to our social audiences to continue the public discussion.