Product / ServiceXJL CAR
CategoryB03. Use of Social Platform(s) in a Promotional Campaign
EntrantBLUEFOCUS Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company BLUEFOCUS Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Alex Phung Phluency Interactive/China)/Inc- Chief Creative Officer
Stephen Chan Phluency Interactive/China)/Inc- Group Creative Director
Chan Hock Liang Phluency Interactive/China)/Inc- Associate Creative Director
Joejune Yang Phluency Interactive/China)/Inc- Senior Art Director
Sky Li Phluency Interactive/China)/Inc- Senior Designer
Bun Li Phluency Interactive/China)/Inc- Senior Copywriter
Wenrong Mei Jaguar China Senior E-Communication Manager

Brief Explanation

To maximize the exposure of Jaguar Achievers Awards in social media,we plan to Publish the 1st ever sponsor story in China’s largest social network: WeChat.

The Brief

How can we attract netizen to follow Jaguar Achievers Awards after the competitor took the sponsor story space away? We hijack the China 1st ever sponsor story by faking it. With the help of social connections, it create a big buzz in the automobiles circle.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

By capitalizing on the news that Beckham was invited to China for Jaguar Achievers Awards 2015, it also creates and disseminates the brand influence through social means and mobile digital experience, attracting the attention of a vast array of users and enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of the spirit of Jaguar brand. Through a raft of measures, such as preliminary warm-up, large-scale social coverage of the day and the second propagation of Jaguar achievers at the later period, 534,638,001 people were exposed to the relevant news and 1,440,959 topics created within 20 odd days. Another 6,000 people began to follow the official wechat of Jaguar with uts brand volume increasing to 16% (from 12%) among all its competitive products.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

By participating in the two rounds of games pertaining to Jaguar spirit on Html5, the users could probe into the key to excellence by experiencing each step the achievers take before obtaining success, namely, the remarkable aptitude and superior perseverance and efforts. By doing so, the participants will be introduced to the grand ceremony of the achievements of Jaguar. In spite of the fact that Jaguar is not the first to advertise through Wechat, Jaguar still has achieved extensive and effective propagation effect by changing the avatar to Jaguar logo and releasing the relevant news related to the ceremony through KOL, which could be extolled as a pioneering attempt.