Product / ServiceXE CAR
CategoryB02. Use of Other Digital Solutions in a Promotional Campaign
EntrantBLUEFOCUS Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company BLUEFOCUS Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Alex Phung Phluency Interactive/China)/Inc- Chief Creative Officer
Stephen Chan Phluency Interactive/China)/Inc- Group Creative Director
Chan Hock Liang Phluency Interactive/China)/Inc- Associate Creative Director
Linda Wang Phluency Interactive/China)/Inc- Senior Art Director
Bun Li Phluency Interactive/China)/Inc- Senior Copywriter
Wenrong Mei Jaguar China Senior E-Communication Manager

Brief Explanation

Brief Jaguar XE is the game changer of the segment market. We want to strengthen this brand positioning through our communication Insight More and more relationships are built through mobile nowadays Idea We change how we say we care,by sending a warm hug through WeChat and build emotional resonance with consumers. Finally, encourage people to give a real warm hug again

The Brief

Jaguar XE is the game changer of the segment market. We want to strengthen this brand positioning through our communication. Jaguar is a relatively a less known brand among all the limousines. As a low-profile and special-interest series, Jaguar XE has a relatively low exposure rate in comparison with its major competitive product, such as BMW Z4 and Porsche. As Jaguar XE shares the same positioning with other automobile type, it will take pains to stand out among the numerous game changers. Its low recognition degree, as a result, poses daunting challenges to the sales of Jaguar automobiles.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

It has also efficiently integrated media, technology, platform and other resources so as to serve marketing innovation and play up to the demands and interest of users by promoting the automobile-related resources on entertainment accounts, catering to the cheerful atmosphere of Christmas and adopting incentive mechanism, thus extending its influence to a wide range of social network users. The company has released 58 official news on Wechat and microblog and 99 KOL, involving over 80 million people and communicating with 2.9 million users. Social Performance Reach: 102,311,407,Engagements: 506,257,Interactive Performance PV:24,917,UV: 15,417。

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Against the backdrop of sales downturn, it is advisable to impart the spirit of constant improvement and unceasing progress to F-TYPE Jaguar XE, a brand-new four-door coupe so as to establish its brand image. The innovative simulation of temperature sensing function with fingerprint touch is applied to “Embrace Changes”, an interactive game developed on Html5, which has formed satisfactory propagation effect through its forwarding in the Moments of Wechat. At the meantime, its propagation effect has been fueled by carrying out propaganda on large scale through the official media, supplementing the publicity through KOL, releasing interactive games through Wechat and interacting with the followers through microblog.