Product / ServicePANTENE
CategoryA03. Use of Exhibitions and Installations
Entrant Company GREY GROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency GREY GROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company 2 PROVILL Makati City, THE PHILIPPINES
Production Company 3 FUSE ADVENTURES IN AUDIO Selangor, MALAYSIA


Name Company Position
Javier Bonilla Grey Singapore Regional Executive Creative Director
I-van Policarpo Grey Kuala Lumpur Regional Associate Creative Director
I-van Policarpo Grey Kuala Lumpur Copywriter
Elson Effendy Grey Kuala Lumpur Senior Art Director
Don Michael De Leon Grey Kuala Lumpur Regional Senior Account Manager
Renee Lim Grey Kuala Lumpur Production Executive
Anjali Jain Grey Singapore Regional Business Director
Siddika Dehlvi Grey Singapore Group Account Director
Syamin Arif Grey Kuala Lumpur Executive Producer
Shahvez Afridi Grey Singapore Head of Strategy
Dennis Chen Asia-Pacific Video Lab, Kuala Lumpur Executive Producer
Chen Yoke Wah Asia-Pacific Video Lab, Kuala Lumpur Executive Producer
Daz Kalidass SO Candra Asia-Pacific Video Lab, Kuala Lumpur Editor
Cris Dy-Liacco Just Add Water, Philippines Broadcast Producer
Ina Lagman Provill Studios, Philippines Managing Director
Toby Concepcion Provill Studios, Philippines Film Director
Michelle Robles Provill Studios Production Manager
Fuse Adventures In Audio Fuse Adventures In Audio Audio Production

Brief Explanation

The interaction among: 1, the hair visual installed on ice; 2, the target market damaging the visual as they skate on it; and 3, the branded ice-smoothening truck demonstrated Pantene’s hair transformation promise, “Smoothens damaged hair.”

The Brief

Hair care advertising is a saturated category. It is littered with claims and promises that consumers hardly ever listen to. On top of that, it seems that practically everything has already been done--no campaign execution really stands out enough for consumers to remember. Our challenge was to promote Pantene’s hair transformation story in a way that our consumers, or the world for that matter, will engage with and won’t forget.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The campaign contributed to: 101% sales revenue versus previous period in the city of Pasay, Metro Manila surrounding the rink; Pantene reporting a 7.6% share of the conditioners category in May 2015 representing a 16% increase compared to same month of the previous year; and 100% target market engagement which averages to up to almost 700 consumers participating in Black Ice on a single day.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

We rented an Olympic-size rink, dug a hole 5 cm deep. Then, printed a billboard-size image of hair on water- and ice-proof material, installed it on ice, and manually doused it with water. We utilised over 2,500 gallons of water, which froze for 30 days in -5 degrees Celsius. All in all, it took 8 weeks to complete. We also branded the rink’s ice-smoothening truck with our product and tagline. We then opened our hair installation to ice-skaters. It got scratched, damaging the hair visual. Then the branded truck repaired the damage, demonstrating what Pantene does in real life. The campaign ran on the ice skating rink of SM Mall Of Asia, Philippines, occurring 3-4 times a day with a 3- to 4-hour interval. From May 1st to May 30th 2015, it garnered 100% participation from ice-skaters, averaging up to almost 700 participants a day.