Product / ServiceOLLEH TV
CategoryB02. Use of Other Digital Solutions in a Promotional Campaign
Advertising Agency KOREA TELECOM Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
Hoonjoo, Shin KT Senior Vice President
Nari, Choi KT Team Leader
Dowan, Kim KT Manager
Hyeyoon, Jeong KT Manager

Brief Explanation

Based on observations on the lifestyles of our campaign’s main target—the elderly living alone and social workers—we identified that the IPTV and mobile services we provide were an important element and developed a new solution which enables the simple act of turning on the TV to immediately check the safety of the elderly remotely via automatically sent mobile SMSs. Developed using seamless technologies, the solution was installed in the set-top box placed in the houses of the elderly living alone and the mobile phones of social workers in order to offer hands-on experience in their daily lives. Through this, they have not only acquired positive views of the KT’s IPTV brand but also experienced a dramatic change in their daily lives.

The Brief

Problem: The number of elderly persons living alone has doubled over the past ten years and for every 27 of them there is only one social worker. Therefore, the number of elderly who face a solitary death is soaring. Challenge: Is there a way to quickly detect when an elderly person living alone is in an emergency situation? Strategy: We developed a new service that can take care of the elderly without any inconvenient change in their daily lives. The newly developed service aims to draw immediate participation/actions by providing seamless services through network connection between IPTV and mobile phone.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

(1) Target participants of the campaign: Significant changes in the behavior of social workers, thereby improving the mental health of the elderly living alone. Changes in social workers’ behavior: o 300% increase in number of text messages o 400% increase in number of calls o 125% increase in number of visits Changes in the mental health of elderly o 12% decline in anxiety level o 30% decline in loneliness level (2) Mass target: The project has been widely introduced by media and major broadcasting companies. Backed by its wide-spread favorable response, we expanded the project’s implementation to Imja Island. o Covered by 45 media outlets including both TV and newspaper o postings on Facebook, YouTube and corporate website o Awareness on the condition of elderly living alone :20%->100% o Willingness to participate in volunteer work : 30%->90% o Brand preference has increased after 100% of consumers watch the video

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Developing a new service by integrating IPTV and mobile services consumers use every day and capitalizing on technologies that can perform seamlessly, our creative solution maximizes its relation to the services we provide. Using the newly developed service, the campaign was implemented in March in the Jungrang, which has a high concentration of elderly, by selecting social workers having difficulties due to the high number of elderly they had to deal with. The system will be tested for two years. Additionally, a content demonstrating all the features and benefits of the “The Life saving TV project” campaign has been released online that is consequently raising awareness of the problem of elderly living alone. This has helped KT’s IPTV service be recognized as not just a mere IPTV brand but also as a “good brand” that is leading the charge of solving social problems. And this has increased the brand preferences.