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Product / ServiceZEE NEWS
CategoryC07. Corporate Image & Communication
Entrant Company DDB MUDRA GROUP Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency DDB MUDRA GROUP Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Sonal Dabral DDB Mudra Group Chief Creative Officer
Aneil Deepak DDB Mudra Group Executive Director
Sandeep Mishra DDB Mudra Group Creative Director
Sumeer Handoo DDB Mudra Group Group Account Director
Sonia Arora DDB Mudra Group Director Brand Communications
Akanksha Mishra DDB Mudra Group Corporate Communications and Public Relations
Ameya Soman DDB Mudra Group Art Director
Farzad Variyava DDB Mudra Group Group Creative Director
Ashish Grover DDB Mudra Group Account Director
Smith Mehta DDB Mudra Group DOP

Brief Explanation

Piggybacking on cricket isn’t a new tactic. It’s one of the obvious things Indian brands have been doing for over a decade. While news channels typically feed constant match updates to the cricket- frenzied crowd, people on the move are constantly looking for sources to get updated. We put up activation plan into place.Interactive live scoreboards at strategic locations across the two countries were put up to ensure attention and used cricket as a medium to focus on the more important issues that the nations faced. It was a powerful statement on the futility of war. While all other news channels harped on the great Indian win, Zee news was the only channel that reminded that no body won. Media quickly picked up this rare phenomenon. TV channels spoke about it. It was written about. The campaign went social.

The Brief

One of India’s 821 TV news channels, ZeeNews wanted to be perceived as the news channel with a distinct point of view. The India-Pakistan cricket match on 15/02/2015, was slated to be the most watched TV event the history of wars between the countries coming to a climax on the cricket field. We created a live scoreboard on a billboard. As people watched, the wicket count (max of 10 in cricket) dropped to over 500,000 for both countries. Post match, the copy became: WHEN LIVES ARE LOST, NO ONE WINS. ZeeNews made a powerful statement - the futility of war!

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

While all other news channels harped on the Indian win, Zee news was the only channel that reminded that nobody wins in a war. Newspapers and social media took to the thought. #TheMisunderstoodScoreboard trended the day post the match with 223,321 views and 33,000 Facebook shares from Youtube and immeasurable unique shares PR coverage by the Huffington Post , exchange4media, reddit, afaqs, crevity, bestadsontv, scoopwhoop, allaboutoutdoor, scooppick,adeevee, advertlog, kulzy, trending50, gossipmedia, khurafaati, scoopwow, madovermarketing, glamsocial, defence,pk, dnaindia, idealindian and mincraftbuzz to name a few. Earned media worth INR 3 million made ZeeNews the most talked about news channel in India

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Billboards were transformed into live scoreboards across India and Pakistan. What started off as accurate scoreboards, were soon declared faulty by the onlookers as the wickets column moved briskly well past the limit of 10. The final score read: India 0 for the loss of 547290 Pakistan 0 for the loss of 546228 It finally struck people that the billboards were talking about lives lost. The Misunderstood Scoreboard reminded people in both countries that no one wins in a war. After the Indian win, candle lit marches replaced the usual celebration, in the memory of the fallen.