Product / ServiceENERGY DRINK
CategoryB02. Use of Other Digital Solutions in a Promotional Campaign
Entrant Company MINDSHARE VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


Name Company Position
Xuan Nguyen Mindshare Client leadership
Mai Luong Mindshare Senior Manager, Planning
Anh Van Tran Mindshare Senior Manager, Digital

Brief Explanation

In 2015 the energy drink market is HEATING UP with big local players investing aggressively, as such Sting’s SOV% being attacked rapidly in Urban & Rural and started seeing sales lost in South East which is the most important region. Skimming across potential channels to reach Sting’s target audience in Rural, the Garena Internet café was put into consideration thanks to their emerging growth. With a very limited budget, our challenge was not only to gain back our sales in those regions but also to lure back the target of young audience as they are attracted by new offers from the competitors.

The Brief

Tapping onto Garena’s network, Sting decide to leverage is competitive advantage of being the most favorable drink of Game users. The core target of Garena user is people 16-26 years old male skewed which is rightly matched with Sting target. Also, taking into account the key driver of this target research by Nielsen’s study, Sting aimed at excite their life though gaming & offer value for money. Sting decided to choose League of Legends which is the hottest game among the community and ran a tie-up promotion with Garena network.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The campaign was quite impressive and strongly impact in Sale results in particular provinces: Sting Gold ran out of inventory after 2 weeks of the promotion. Over 400 new sales outlet was acquired during the campaign hence it was extended to 50 days versus the original plan of 30 days. Totally the program was attracted 98,809 users who redeemed promo code which equals to nearly 4,200 cans sold. In term of media, we delivered 41.8 mil impression vs. 9.25 mil committed. On the Game’s official Facebook page, tons of fan requests asking Sting to expand the promotion to their areas which encourage the team to continue the program & expand it further.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

We decide to start the tie-up promotion with Garena firstly in 3 provinces (Dak Lak, Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc) where Sting sale volume was relatively low compare to other brands. In order to implement this promotion, we have to collaborate between different parties: Garena, Mindshare media team, Sting brand team and Sting sales team. Firstly, Garena sell codes to Sting, then the sales team in charge of attaching code to every bottle selling at the Internet shop & distribute to the relevant provinces. Meanwhile Garena & Mindshare work on the banners designs & media KPI to support building awareness and grab attention of users.