Product / ServiceSLURPEE
CategoryA08. Use of Competitions & Promotional Games 
EntrantISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company ISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency ISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Carmela Soares Isobar Creative Director
Filip Sarna Isobar Social Media Manager
Erik Hallander Isobar Regional Mobile & Innovation Director
Jenny Foster Isobar Copywriter
Aron Tardini Isobar 3D Modeller
Brenton Lau Isobar Snr Designer
Martin Tozzi-Condivi Isobar Account Director
Sarah Bahbah Isobar Community Manager
Ally Deacon Huckleberry Community Manager
Paul Connel Huckleberry Community Manager

Brief Explanation

Every September, Slurpee Australia brings back the traditional BYO Cup Day, a day where anyone could take anything to 7-Eleven and fill it with Slurpee. Slurpee wanted to encourage users to be creative this year and share content about the event. So we launched a Social Media promotion to reward Slurpee fans with the most creative and unique cup of all: their own head as a cup.

The Brief

In 2014, Slurpee wanted encouraging BYO Cup Day fans to share their cup choices on Social Media. Slurpee was trying to shift the focus away from the day just being about bringing the biggest thing the fans could find, and turn it into a creative task whilst bringing Slurpee’s Drink Different message to life. A social promotion was the solution. But to get people’s attention, it had to be even more creative than the content generated by millions of fans. So we chose an uniquely original and personalised prize. Their own head, as a Slurpee cup.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

With less than $10k budget across media and production, the results were astounding. Thousands of images of people sipping their BYOed cup were entered through Facebook and Instagram. Our Instagram account grew by 18% IN ONE DAY. #BYOCUPDAY was a trending hashtag in Australia. We reached 3.75 million Facebook users, at an overall engagement rate of 10.8% (27% above 2014).

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Only two posts supporting this competition on Slurpee’s Facebook page went out. The first launched 3 days before the event, with one more on the actual day. Content encouraged users to “get creative” with a sample cup printed and shot to show in real-time what their potential prize could look like. Fans were surprised and excited about the prize, and instantly started to spread the post tagging friends in the comments. The winner was chosen. With a custom-developed app and a 3D scanner, we were able to capture a tridimensional image of their head, to be 3D printed. The winner was interviewed, photographed and filmed, and this content extended the social media life of the campaign for weeks after the event.