CategoryA02. Use of Live Shows/Concerts/Festivals
Entrant Company GOODSTUPH Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency GOODSTUPH Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Pat Law GOODSTUPH Creative Director
Eugenia Tan GOODSTUPH Director of Strategy
Lee Weiling GOODSTUPH Digital Strategist
Janice Lin GOODSTUPH Art Director
Tammy Yeh GOODSTUPH Digital Strategist

Brief Explanation

Our campaign served two purposes: 1. Re-brand Grant's to appeal to a younger demographic of drinkers within Southeast Asia 2. Accelerate sales of Grant's Whisky in Q4 of 2014 We chose It's The Ship - Asia's largest party on a cruise - as the stage for Grant's to announce its new brand image with a young party crowd and to create desire and affinity for Grant's. The ship was transformed into a life-sized board game with festival-goers as the players, and a Very-Important-Bros party with DJ Sasha Grey as the ultimate reward. Players could bid for the grand prize with Grant's Dollars that could only be earned by purchasing Grant's Whisky or completing crazy dares onboard the ship. Each successful activity completed was celebrated with a round of Grant's; reinforcing positive brand association and incentivising festival-goers to make Grant's their alcohol of choice.

The Brief

Grant’s brand equity had eroded after years of unrelenting price cuts and promotions to drive sales volume. Its reputation dropped from being a quality product by the world’s largest whisky distiller to one that belonged on the shelves of 7-Eleven. They were in dire need to revamp their branding in order to survive. Our strategy was to reposition Grant's as a cool and accessible brand of alcohol with young working men taking their first step into the world of whisky. This was achieved through marrying off-the-wall experiences with Grant's as the catalyst onboard It's The Ship.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Grant’s became far-and-away the most consumed alcohol brand onboard IT’S THE SHIP, with party-goers rallying behind the banners of #IOU and #StandTogether. From an apathetic lot to brand advocates proud to take up the mantle, the sweeping change in sentiment could be heard loud-and-clear on their social media channels, even after the event had ended. Key performance indicators - A marked increase in sales revenue, compared to 2013 sales figures (see Confidential Information) - 57 celebrities and media guests took part in our activities - 203 social media posts from opinion leaders alone, reaching 878,127 followers and garnering 247,768 likes - 96 hours of brand exposure and engagement of the target audience - An estimated S$521,580 PR generated The Very-Important-Bros private party with Sasha Grey was extremely well-received, with 450 select party-goers attending, resulting in Grant's becoming a huge conversation topic during and after the festival.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The activities took place at key festival locations on the ship, and were advertised through posters on the ship and "The Broble" - a hand-guide provided in each cabin. Players could keep track of the bidding war for the V.I.B party at the Grant's #IOU Counter, which served as the epicentre of the Grant's currency exchange. SWOP-THE-TOP Convince a girl to swop tops with you on the spot. Selfie the evidence, and get a drink on the house for you and the lady, and Grant’s dollars. TUB-OF-WAR Convince 4 ladies to get in the hot tub with you and your bro, selfie the evidence and you both win a shot of Grant’s. Ladies, convince 4 gentlemen and win the same. BE STU Be Stu from The Hangover and fake your own hangover moment with an airbrush tattoo. The most convincing hangover face wins a bottle of Grant’s.