Product / ServiceNEW BALANCE
CategoryA01. Use of Promotional Events & Stunts 
Entrant Company J. WALTER THOMPSON Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency J. WALTER THOMPSON Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company VAJRA STUDIO Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
George Shi J. Walter Thompson Client Service
Bo Ren J. Walter Thompson Client Service
Aster Wan J. Walter Thompson Client Service
SheungYan Lo J. Walter Thompson CD
Norman Tan J. Walter Thompson CD
Bill Chan J. Walter Thompson CD
Gang Hu J. Walter Thompson CD
Diana Li J. Walter Thompson CD
Paul Yu J. Walter Thompson CD
Hank Huang J. Walter Thompson AD
Xiang Wen J. Walter Thompson AD
Pippo Jiang J. Walter Thompson AD
Levana Qi J. Walter Thompson AD
Cindy Fan J. Walter Thompson CW
Jun Qian J. Walter Thompson CW
Jane Zhang J. Walter Thompson Producer
Phoebe Fan J. Walter Thompson Producer
Sheng Li Vajra Studio Director

Brief Explanation

We developed the running activity in office buildings for the white collars, so that to drive their passion on running as well as the sense of engagement. Meanwhile we managed to let more people try New Balance running shoes through this event, thus to raise product awareness and sales performance.

The Brief

Many office workers have the motivation on running, while they always have a lot of excuses not to run exactly. New Balance believes that through a running activity which you have no excuse to refuse, office workers can actually dispel all their excuses. It can also help drive their interests on running.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

This event has aroused the enthusiasms among Shanghai office buildings, and also generated million discussions at social media. The product sales volume has also been increased significantly through the try-on and rental program at the event.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

New Balance as a professional running brand, targeting to white collars, launched a special event “The Irresistible Run” in the office building. We did turn normal stairs into running tracks, and made working hours becoming sporting time. Not only dispelling all their excuses about location, time or kit limits, we also created an extra reason for people to take action – to win a pair of running shoes as long as you run fast enough.