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CategoryA01. Use of Promotional Events & Stunts 
Entrant Company J. WALTER THOMPSON Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency J. WALTER THOMPSON Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company STINK Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Norman Tan J. Walter Thompson Regional ECD
Bill Chan J. Walter Thompson CCO
Chao Zhang J. Walter Thompson CD
Salome Zhang J. Walter Thompson CD
Niuniu Niu J. Walter Thompson AD
Jeff Zhang J. Walter Thompson CW
Selwyn Low J. Walter Thompson CW
Caffrey Pan J. Walter Thompson Designer
Jane Zhang J. Walter Thompson Production
Wei Quan J. Walter Thompson Production
Liza Law J. Walter Thompson Production
Jia Rui J. Walter Thompson Photographer
Pak Fung Wong amanacliq J. Walter Thompson Photographer
Bill Chan J. Walter Thompson Director
Evan Sun J. Walter Thompson Editing

Brief Explanation

In China, many LGBT have already come out to their friends, but it’s hard to tell their parents. They are willing to introduce their lovers to their parents but just need a perfect chance. Aibai.com cooperated with a restaurant to design “the rainbow dinner”, to help LGBT come out to their parents by using the hints from food.

The Brief

Research has shown that dinners can lighten the mood in any situation. Plus, Chinese families view dinners as a time to bond and really talk to each other. What if dinners were the perfect time and place that gay couples were looking for?

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Our target audience found The Rainbow Dinner to be very helpful in telling their parents about their sexuality. To them, it helped take a weight off their shoulders, no matter how their parents responded. Word of The Rainbow Dinner and its success stories spread within the Chinese LGBT community, motivating more same-sex couples to sign up. After the launch, the Paris Rouge restaurant has served close to 50 Rainbow Dinner sets in the first week. With the success of this trial, Aibai is working with more restaurants across other cities to create similar menus to provide gay people the perfect occasion to truly connect with their parents.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

For this to work, the dinner has to be special. Aibai created a bespoke menu to mark this important milestone for the couples. The name of every dish suggests the relationship between them. The purpose? To convey to their parents that the love they have for each other is all that matters.