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CategoryC05. Financial Services, Commercial Public Services, Business Products & Services
Entrant Company PROXIMITY CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency PROXIMITY CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Media Agency OMD CHINA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Wai Foong Leong BBDO/Proximity China Chairman & CCO, Greater China
Kit Koh BBDO China Executive Creative Director
Sharlene Wu BBDO/Proximity China Managing Director
Airy Han BBDO/Proximity China Associate Creative Director
Eric Wu BBDO/Proximity China Producer
Steven Ruan BBDO/Proximity China Group Head
Anita Hsieh BBDO/Proximity China Associate Account Director
Alvina Seah BBDO/Proximity China Group Account Direcor
Crystal Lin BBDO/Proximity China Group Account Direcor
Abby Yu BBDO/Proximity China Senior Account Executive
Renee Zhang BBDO/Proximity China Planning Director
Stacy Yu BBDO/Proximity China Digital Planning Manager
Pride Fang BBDO/Proximity China Project Director
Nicky Shen Uncle Advertisement Co. Ltd Senior Account Manager
Jessie Fu OMD China Business Director
Nicole Ma BBDO/Proximity China Creative Paterner
Natalie Kat OMD China Managing Partner
Anson Bei Uncle Advertisement Co. Ltd Group Account Director

Brief Explanation

With the Visa bicycle free rental booths, the unique brand experience drives our consumers to our Visa accepted merchants. Tapping on the insight that when our consumers travel, they are looking for a different experience beyond the usual landmarks and iconic sights. Chinese travelers are looking for an adventure that allows them to experience different discoveries, but do not know where to turn to, as they are often directed to cliché landmarks. At the Visa bicycle free rental station, consumers can rent the bicycles for free with a Visa card and these bicycles are equipped with a GPS system that is pre-loaded with a list of off the beaten track merchants. These Visa merchants are carefully selected that are beyond the usual landmarks and allows them to explore the nook and crannies of the city that is usually unexplored.

The Brief

Chinese travelers are attached to their local payment brand - China Union Pay, even when traveling abroad. They use China Union Pay out of habit. While outbound travel is a big opportunity for Visa, Chinese travelers are no longer appeased with just cliché and unoriginal travel. The idea was to convince our young travelers that Visa as a payment brand understands their needs. Unlike China Union Pay that is available only in major merchants, Visa with its unparalleled coverage is widely accepted, even in the small store in the corner of a quaint street, letting them experience the different kind of travel experience that they are looking for.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

• More than 7,000 people visited Visa bicycle free rental booths and experienced our service within one month. They acknowledged that this service provided by Visa was very helpful in letting them explore off the beaten tracks • 40% increase in outbound transactions from previous year • 65,000 re-tweets, 4 times the industry standard • 244,582 New Visa Followers, double the number in one month • Social sentiment toward Visa increased to 97.3% , 5% increase from the average of previous year

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The Visa bicycle rental booths, equipped with GPS systems showcases a list of Visa merchants that offer unique experiences that lets our consumers travel worry-free. With a China-issued Visa card, the Chinese travelers are able to rent the bikes for free, equipped with GPS systems that let them explore the city, with recommendations showcasing Visa merchants. This is a contrast to China Union Pay that is only available in mainstream merchants and landmarks, showcasing Visa’s unprecedented wide acceptance. With this memorable experience, consumers willingly shared their Visa experience on their social media platforms, positively endorsing their experience with Visa and driving other travelers to look out for these booths to increase the engagement and driving the brand’s positioning as well as transactions with Visa merchants at these off the beaten track merchants. Consumers at home could also enjoy the experience virtually through the campaign site, demonstrating Visa’s strong offering of letting consumers to explore beyond the cliché travel destinations.