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CategoryA05. Product Launch/re-Launch or Multi-Product Promotion
EntrantCJ WORX Bangkok, THAILAND
Entrant Company CJ WORX Bangkok, THAILAND
Advertising Agency CJ WORX Bangkok, THAILAND
Production Company KRATAI TUENTUA Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Saharath Sawadatikom CJ WORX CO.,LTD. Art Director
Kavin Sitsayanaren CJ WORX CO.,LTD. Art Director
Phanus Sobsamai CJ WORX CO.,LTD. Art Director
Kavin Sitsayanaren CJ WORX CO.,LTD. Copywriter
Napat Pornratanaraksa CJ WORX CO.,LTD. Copywriter
Salas Supalakwatchana CJ WORX CO.,LTD. Copywriter
Kamonluck Mungwattana CJ WORX CO.,LTD. Project Manager
Visittasak Charoenpanon CJ WORX CO.,LTD. Graphic Designer

Brief Explanation

Vivolite is a new product of American Tourister. This new luggage is produced with PressPro technology which makes it tougher and stronger that the previous product. We want to introduce this new Vivolite to national audience in Thailand so we launched a live demonstration campaign "The Kick-Bag Journey" to make sure consumers get our message and acknowledge the existing of this new product.

The Brief

Our challenge is to make sure the audience know the key benefits of our new product such as the Toughness and the Flexibility of the luggage. To do that, we came up with a live demonstration campaign that get the real consumers to experience it by kicking the Vivolite around Thailand. We filmed the demonstration during the journey of Vivolite and released the video online to show national audience and make sure they get the same message.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

After the campaign was launched, the audience are excited to join the campaign so we received over 1,000 participants during the first week of the campaign. Then it went crazy, over 10,000 people made online registration for a chance to kick the bag in their hometown during its journey. At the end of the campaign, this 1 single Vivolite has been kicked for more than 437,000 times by the audience, an elephant and crashed into by a Tuk Tuk and no-one can break it down, showing everybody how strong the luggage was and creates over 100,000,000 impressions for the kick-bag journey in both online and traditional media such as news on TV and popular websites in Thailand. Best of all, the Vivolite were sold out within 1 month.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

American Tourister wants to show the target audience how tough and strong the new product called Vivolite is. Instead of telling them, we decided to let them experience that by themselves. So, we let our 1 Vivolite luggage take a long journey around Thailand for all consumers to try and kick the luggage and see if they can break it. The event took place in 70 major cities in Thailand from 25th December 2014 until the end of February 2015. The campaign went perfectly according to the plan.