Product / ServiceXBOX ONE CONSOLE
CategoryB03. Use of Social Platform(s) in a Promotional Campaign
Entrant Company McCANN WORLDGROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency McCANN WORLDGROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Ali Grayeli Mccann Worldgroup/Singapore Executive Creative Director
Reinald Chee McCann Worldgroup Singapore Art Director
Vanessa Heng McCann Worldgroup Singapore Copywriter
Johannes Erlach McCann Worldgroup Singapore Regional Senior Account Executive
Jesse Vinet McCann Worldgroup Singapore Senior Account Executive
Wen Kuo McCann Taiwan Account Manager
Clayton Lai Craft Worldwide Singapore Director
Karen Leong Craft Worldwide Singapore TV Producer
Nina Ikhwan McCann Worldgroup Singapore Social Media Executive
Janice Chong McCann Worldgroup Singapore Social Media Executive

Brief Explanation

Reaching out to gamers in Taipei through the Xbox Facebook page to promote the arrival of Xbox One; we asked them to sign up for our Gamer’s Bootcamp by posting the phrase 我要加入one世代. From all the gamers who signed up we selected recruits and took them through a series of challenges designed to up their game for the new Xbox One. After much sweat, some screaming and a few tears … actually lots of tears, these gamers were awarded the new Xbox One console.

The Brief

Taiwan is a cluttered market for gaming. We needed to engage gamers with news of Xbox One’s arrival list of great features. However, gamers live in a fast moving fully digital world with very low engagements rates online (1.12% be exact – Source Social Bakers) To rally gamers to the Xbox One’s arrival we needed to cut through with the one cause they all believe in. Getting better at gaming. So we created the Xbox One gaming boot camp to help them up their game and engage in our campaign socially and physically.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Our Up Your Game bootcamp campaign broke through the 1.12% engagement rate — to a whopping 45% for each of our video posts. Facebook interactions also spiked with an increase in likes by 768%, comments by 4144%, and shares by 273% compared to the pre-campaign period. More than 7000 eager gamers signed up to join our Gamer’s Bootcamp in hopes of being awarded a new Xbox One console. The campaign was also picked up by gaming blogs and sites, generating more than 1.5 million impressions in just one week — more than half of Taipei’s total 2.7 million population. End on end for the whole month of June sales improved by 20% as awareness spread.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

To train our gamers for a new gaming experience with the Xbox One, our bootcamp couldn’t just happen online. We needed to take them offline to physically train. During a fast two-day campaign, we started the bootcamp with a recruitment drive through a single Facebook post. Within hours, we had over 2000 eager gamers signing up. By the end, this number grew to over 7000. Recruits were selected, intercepted on the fly and brought to our Gamer’s Bootcamp. Our general and her soldiers then took them a series of challenges to tone essential gaming skills and up their game for the Xbox One. Once they completed their training – all sweating, some screaming – they were awarded the new console. The team wasn’t spared either. Each bootcamp session was filmed, edited and posted to drive even more recruitment and social sharing.