Product / ServiceSPRITE
CategoryB01. Use of Digital in a Promotional Campaign
Entrant Company ISOBAR CHINA GROUP Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency ISOBAR CHINA GROUP Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Rohan Lightfoot Isobar Managing Director
Tim Doherty Isobar Chief Creative Officer
Leeon Li Isobar Creative Director
Jennifer Lin Isobar Business Director
Bass Chen Isobar Planning Director
Lynn Xu Isobar Associate Account Director
Annie Zhang Isobar Media Planning Director
Mike Chang Isobar Regional Technology Architect

Brief Explanation

There were two key promotional elements for the Sprite 2015 summer campaign. Firstly, we created 100 different, fun summer activations that could be redeemed from Sprite packaging. By playing an ice-breaking mobile game that launched when the packaging was scanned people could unlock the chance to go to a music festival or water park or grab travel vouchers or summer essentials from e-commerce. Secondly, we initiated a temperature activate promotional campaign with the Weather application Moji and McDonalds. At any time when the temperature exceeded 35 degrees centigrade Moji’s 20,000,000 users could redeem a coupon to scope a free Sprite from McDonald’s.

The Brief

The challenge for Sprite in China is that everyone drinks it, but no-one cares about it. Our goal was to create a product engagement that could actually make summer better for young Chinese. Instead of sitting at home, bored and sweaty the purchase of a Sprite could refresh them physically and also give them the impetus they needed to make their summer better in a hundred different ways.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Our campaign was so hot that the opening weekend melted the servers at Sprite. By the end of July 2015 we had also melted our KPIs. Media spending YTY during same period of time remains unchanged The campaign resulted in a 666% increase in followers on We Chat for Sprite, growing from just 30,000 at launch to over a quarter of a million. Our ice-breaking game exceeded our KPI by 3600% with over 2.8 million plays. The total campaign generated over 60,000,000 impacts in digital with over 20% of those ending in consumption of the product. In social the campaign was described as “Breakthrough”, it’s the first time Sprite cross over such special media that 90s loved. Consumers respond the brand’s claim and interact on the social media. Most importantly, volume sales during the campaign rose by more than 7% year on year. Media-promotion spending remains as last year

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The campaign ran from 1st June to the end of August 2015, right across China. 100 different themed Sprite packs were created and each one was designed to represent a different, fun summer activity or summer essential, like shades or swimming trunks or flip-flops. All consumers had to do to take part was scan a Sprite package using the We Chat mobile application. That launched s fun, ice-breaking game. Winning in the ice breaking game then unlocked one hundred different, fun summer activities to inspire the audience to get off their ass and get out in the sun. We worked with the teen platform u17 to create a series of videos to bring participation to life. Alongside we ran a parallel promotion with the weather application Moji, which allowed users to score a free Sprite from McDonalds whenever the temperature went over 35 degrees centigrade.