Product / ServiceAIRBNB
CategoryA01. Use of Promotional Events & StuntsĀ 
Entrant Company GOVT SINGAPORE Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency GOVT SINGAPORE Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company BHD FILMS Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Aaron Koh GOVT Singapore Executive Creative Director
Marilyn Poh GOVT Singapore Copywriter
Leon Lai GOVT Singapore Business Director
Sarah Yap GOVT Singapore Senior Account Executive
Lucas Burrows Untitled Project Digital Creative
Hogan Burrows Untitled Project Digital Creative
Warren Mackenzie Untitled Project Digital Cretive
Jason Tay BHD Films DoP

Brief Explanation

Airbnb's 'Welcome Home' 3D projection mapping house is created to simulate a real live Airbnb traveller's experience. By experiencing 4 real listings on Airbnb without having to travel there first, guests have a first-hand experience of what it's like to stay with Airbnb and have any doubts and questions answered before booking their trip. With this experience, Airbnb wanted to position the brand as a viable option for Singaporeans looking for accommodation for their next vacation, and encourage Singaporeans to sign up and make their first booking.

The Brief

Singaporean travellers are skeptical about the holiday accommodations they see online. To promote Airbnb as a reliable and trustworthy holiday stay provider, we took travellers on a trip through 4 real live Airbnb listings. We created a larger-than-life house and used 3D projection mapping to recreate actual Airbnb homes from Paris, Tokyo, Bali and Penang. Each listing is recreated to exacting details, complete with a host onsite to replicate the real experience an Airbnb traveller would have. By recreating the Airbnb homes and experience, we are able to address any doubts and skepticism travellers may have... even before they travel.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

A total of 15,738 impressions were made in just 6 days. Bookings from Singapore increased by 28%. New registrations increased by 12%, and 16% of current users booked with Airbnb for the very first time. The campaign was featured on renowned marketing and innovation sites such as DesignTaxi, Mashable, FastCodesign, Designboom and many more, garnering PR value of over USD 1million.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The use of 3D projection mapping to recreate the 4 Airbnb homes mirrored the innovativeness and bravado that Airbnb embodies. Being a popular online holiday accommodation finder, Airbnb is no stranger to technology and our campaign was a reflection of this spirit. Choosing to hold this at Singaplural during Singapore Design Week was also testament to our appreciation of the arts in Singapore and how the brand honours the similarities between the role inspiration plays in both design and travel. Airbnb's 'Welcome Home' house was open to the public for 6 days and welcomed a total of over 15,000 guests.