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Product / ServiceLOYALTY PROGRAM
CategoryA04. Use of Merchandising/in-Store Experience
EntrantGPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company GPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency GPY&R Brisbane, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Ben Coulson George Patterson Y&R Chief Creative Officer - ANZ
Brendan Greaney George Patterson Y&R Executive Creative Director
James McKeown George Patterson Y&R Creative Group Head
Joshua Bartlett George Patterson Y&R Senior Art Director
Gus Cutler George Patterson Y&R Account Director
Todd Williams George Patterson Y&R Operations Director
Phil McDonald George Patterson Y&R Group Managing Director
Rob Hudson George Patterson Y&R Chief Digital Officer
Kohbe Vela George Patterson Y&R Agency Producer
Robyn Dodd George Patterson Y&R Agency Producer
Ben McConnell BCF Marketing Manager

Brief Explanation

Our brief was to come up with a way to reward BCF’s high-value club members and stimulate sales. Instead of finding off-the-shelf promo items and slapping a logo on them, we invented our own. Like most big retailers, one of BCF’s business issues is getting customers spending more at times when sales are traditionally down. We created You-Wish-Fish as a promotional item where customers had to spend over $50 to get the item free. An EDM featuring a video/product demonstration was sent to BCF Club members to stimulate sales. The nature of the product created user-generated content for the BCF brand. Customers shared their You-Wish-Fish photos on social media providing a unique opportunity for the BCF brand to share a joke with customers and the broader community.

The Brief

BCF (Boating Camping Fishing) is Australia’s largest outdoor and fishing retailer. They sell the gear that helps customers land the big ones. The nature of fishing however, is that even the best fishermen (and fisher-women and children), with the best gear, still catch little fish. BCF’s positioning line is – this is living. They’re all about helping Australians enjoy the outdoors and You-Wish-Fish is an extension of that brand promise. As an innovation, it’s simple, low-tech and fun – just like the outdoors. The strategy was to strengthen BCF's relationship with high value customers, stimulate sales, generate content, news and PR.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The sales promotion targeted BCF Club Members in specific locations so we could measure the success of You-Wish-Fish as a sales promotion and its popularity as a product. By targeting BCF Club Members, we were able to link the membership numbers of customers who received the promotional EDM, to sales results in store when they used their membership cards at the checkout. The EDM open rate was 22.81%. The click through rate to watch the product demo video from that group was 14.95%. A ratio of one in 228.3 club members who were sent the EDM, reacted to the campaign (opened the email) and came into store. Those customers spent an average of $94.46 exceeding the average basket value of $88 by 7.34%.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The campaign began with an EDM to BCF Club Members on Friday 16 April inviting them to come in store. The EDM featured an embedded video showing how You-Wish-Fish works and how club members could get it. The offer invited them to come in-store and spend over $50 to get the exclusive item for free. Once in store, club members found POS display stands full of the You-Wish-Fish product. Then they spent over $50 to get You-Wish-Fish free and used their Club member cards and numbers so we could track it.