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CategoryB02. Use of Other Digital Solutions in a Promotional Campaign


Name Company Position
Paul Nagy Clemenger BBDO Sydney Executive Creative Director
Luke Hawkins Clemenger BBDO Sydney Creative Director
Ben Smith Clemenger BBDO Sydney Creative Director
Denny Handlin Clemenger BBDO Sydney Senior Copywriter
Nick Bonney Clemenger BBDO Sydney Senior Art Director
Brendan Forster Clemenger BBDO Sydney Head of Creative Technology
Madeleine Marsh Clemenger BBDO Sydney Group Account Director
Kit Lansdell Clemenger BBDO Sydney Planning Director
David Halter Clemenger BBDO Digital Planning Director
Josh Armstrong Clemenger BBDO Sydney Digital Account Director
George Robertson Clemenger BBDO Sydney Senior Account Manager
Katie Scrutton Clemenger BBDO Sydney Account Executive
Toby Clark Porter Novelli Social Planner
Denise McKeon Clemenger BBDO Sydney Head of Integrated Production
Tim Mcpherson Clemenger BBDO Sydney Head Of Craft
Daniel Mortensen Clemenger BBDO Sydney Senior Designer
Tech Beach Device Builds
Robin Sung and Annabel Jewers Clemenger BBDO Sydney Content
Chris Bear/ Paul Whelan Clemenger BBDO Sydney Print Production
Anna Walters Clemenger BBDO Sydney Senior Account Director
Ant Tiernan Clemenger BBDO Sydney Sound Engineer
Kirstin Lees Clemenger BBDO Sydney Producer
Toby Royce Clemenger BBDO Sydney Editor

Brief Explanation

In Australia, the pet food category is dominated by traditional advertising, selling rational benefits like taste and health. The most powerful aspect of cat ownership wasn’t being talked about – care. Whiskas wanted to stand out and talk about exactly this – their cat care and understanding expertise. We knew we couldn’t do this with traditional advertising. We needed something that spoke to our audience, gave them the chance to engage directly with us, and unlocked our cat care credentials. So we created a new piece of technology and launched the Whiskas CATSTACAM promotional campaign. Whiskas CATSTACAM let cats take photos from their point of view and post them directly to their very own Instagram account. All photos were branded by a hashtag. And whenever a photo captured curious cat behaviour, we were there to explain why via #AskWhiskas.

The Brief

Whiskas is known as the purple cat food brand. They’re also a leading expert in cat care and understanding. But nobody knew this. Instead, owners were trawling through the Internet online to find information, searching 7 times more for care than feeding (Source: Google Analytics). And care is one of the top three topics on social media. We needed to get the millions of cat owners to realise that Whiskas are not just makers of quality cat food, but are passionate experts who understand cat needs and behaviour.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The Internet went crazy for CATSTACAM. In just a few weeks: • We were featured on blogs and news sites all over the world. • The online film was viewed over 1.1 million times. • #Catstacam was one of the top three trending hash tags globally. • The campaign generated over 585 million media impressions. • Generated over $13 million dollars in earned media. • A 400% uplift in sales. • And #AskWhiskas was so popular it has become an ongoing social service.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

We created Whiskas CATSTACAM, the social campaign that helps cat owners better understand their cats by seeing the world through their eyes. We built some cameras that let cats take photos from their point of view and for the first time ever, post them directly to their very own Instagram account. To ensure we reached the right audience, we gave CATSTACAM devices to famous Internet cats and celebrity cat owners. As each photo shed new light on cat behaviour, we were there to explain why, with #AskWhiskas. Helping people better understand cats whilst proving our expertise in cat care and understanding. The campaign ran as planned throughout March in Australia, although the demand for care advice exceed our expectations so we kept the #AskWhiskas service open even after our cats stopped posting to Instagram. The campaign also consisted of an online film, Facebook gallery and digital out of home media.