Product / ServiceX-TRAIL
CategoryA01. Use of Promotional Events & Stunts 
Entrant Company TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company AOI PRO. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 2 PYRAMID FILM QUADRA Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 3 MASUMASU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Miki Matsui TBWA\HAKUHODO Exective Creative Director
Takahiro Hosoda TBWA\HAKUHODO Creative Director
Masaru Uemura TBWA\HAKUHODO Art Director
Nobuhiro Arai TBWA\HAKUHODO Copy Writer/Plannner
Hirotaka Fukatsu TBWA\HAKUHODO Producer
Akiko Onodera TBWA\HAKUHODO Producer
Shumpei Negami TBWA\HAKUHODO Producer
Kazuoki Uedo TBWA\HAKUHODO Interactive Producer
Satoshi Suzuki TBWA\HAKUHODO Account Director
Masakazu Kobayashi TBWA\HAKUHODO Account Supervisor
Keisuke Mizusako AOI Pro. Production Company Head Producer
Tsutomu Hirakue AOI Pro. Associate Producer
Takahide Suzuki AOI Pro. Production Manager
Ken Fukuoka Freelance Director
Kazunori Mizobuchi PYRAMID FILM QUADRA INC. Interactive Group Head
Masamichi Sato PYRAMID FILM QUADRA INC. Interactive Director
Toyokazu Kawamura PYRAMID FILM QUADRA INC. Interactive Art Director
Kohei Negishi masumasu inc. Art Director
Yuma Murakami masumasu inc. Technical Director

Brief Explanation

THE XTREME DELIVERY - Nissan fuels the hungry Xtremers, where ever they are. ● What’s Xtreme Delivery? ""Xtreme Delivery"" is a unique service that delivered fresh hot pizzas to extreme locations that only NISSAN X-TRAIL would dare go to. It's a new form of outdoor media disguised under a food delivery service. ● A promotion that entered the targets' hearts through their stomachs. This promotion captures the NISSAN X-TRAIL's target insight. Outdoor sports enthusiasts such as snowboarders, climbers and mountaineers are always hungry. The 'Xtreme Delivery' successfully grabbed the hearts of the targets through their stomachs. ● A live promotion of X-TRAIL's off-road performance Delivering fresh hot pizzas to remote areas which were once thought to be impossible. This promotion leveraged X-TRAIL's off-road capability to its fullest. For these reasons, it is neither a TV nor interactive idea, but a genuinely Promo idea.

The Brief

【Challenge】 Nissan X-TRAIL has long been the leading tough SUV widely loved by outdoor sports enthusiasts in Japan. However with the emergence of competitive Hybrid SUVs, its No.1 position was at risk. X-TRAIL needed to outperform its competition by demonstrating its tough functionality. 【Strategy】 ""The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"" Our strategy follows the spirit of this proverb. Outdoor sports enthusiasts are constantly midst some challenge. leaving no room for conventional advertising. But there was always room in their stomachs. This insight inspired us to come up with the idea to deliver pizzas with the XTRAIL to locations that were thought to be impossible.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

This first-ever food delivery service by a car company, gained popularity among the Targets who love crazy challenges and instantly created a huge buzz around the world. It went beyond creating buzz online into generating business results by increasing X-TRAIL's consumer awareness and even sales. □Yahoo! JAPAN searched word ranking:1st (second week of Sept 2014) □Twitter trend word ranking:1st (Sept 18, 2014) □Site access:44% increase (during campaign execution) □Monthly sales 2,553 units→ 5,464 units (Aug 2015→Feb 2015) □Movie number of views: 2.1 MM

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

● Flow of the ""Xtreme Delivery"" implementation 1. We set up wireless phone booths in approx. 100popular outdoor sports sites across Japan for people to place their pizza orders. 2. As soon as an order was placed, pizzas were prepared at the nearest kitchen facility. 3. X-TRAIL with the Xtreme delivery crew go off to deliver pizzas to the requested location. 4. The entire delivery story was captured on film. 5. The news spread on TV and online media. 6. Those who heard about the news rushed to the most remote areas to try the pizza delivery service for themselves. ● Why was it relevant to Nissan X-TRAIL Functionality unique to X-TRAIL is at the core of the idea. It was implemented in the form of a live demonstration without the use of any traditional media.