Product / ServiceOMO MATIC
CategoryA01. Use of Promotional Events & Stunts 
Entrant Company LOWE VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Advertising Agency LOWE VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Production Company CREATV Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


Name Company Position
Carlos Camacho LOWE VIETNAM Chief Executive Officer
Carlos Camacho LOWE VIETNAM Copywriter
Kumkum Fernando LOWE VIETNAM Art Director
Tan Pan LOWE VIETNAM Art Director
Maryzel Gallinato LOWE VIETNAM Associate Creative Director
Matias Legaria Film Director
Hai Ta LOWE VIETNAM Agency Producer
Chau Tran LOWE VIETNAM Accoount Director
Sajju Ambat LOWE VIETNAM Planning Director
Indraneel Guha LOWE VIETNAM Director Of Operations

Brief Explanation

THIS IS A CASE OF HOW OMO MATIC INCENTIVIZED EDUCATION IN A MANNER – WOMEN WANT IT! INTRODUCING OMO MATIC BIG SALE – A UNIQUE SPACE DISCOUNT GENERATOR Women could unlock discounts up to 80% on top fashion brands, ONLY if they knew how to take care of the fabric in a washing machine. All the clothes came with unique tags / symbols that needed to be decoded.

The Brief

THE CHALLENGE: NOT THE PRODUCT, BUT WASHING MACHINES Women in the city just didn’t know how to use the machine. They didn’t read the manual that comes with it. To get women to appreciate the product, we needed them to start using the machine properly. STRATEGY: MAKE HER ‘WANT’ TO LEARN HOW TO USE THE WASHING MACHINE To make her see OMO MATIC - as the washing machine specialist, we had to teach her how to use the washing machine first. But, these women don't want a boring lecture from us. We had to find a way to do it.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

1. THE FANFARE: A 600% OVERSHOOT FOR THE BIG SALE WITH ONE EVENT WE REACHED ALMOST 90% OF THE WASHING MACHINE USERS • Invited: 1000 • Actual Attendance: 6000 • Mobile shares: 32,175 • Online social shares: 79,366 Total accumulative reach: 117,541 (Source: Client Data) 2. INTEREST GENERATED Monthly call to Omo MATIC hotline shot up to 300%, post campaign. And over 51% of them are about how to use the washing machine. (Source: Client Data) 3. THE BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE Post campaign, the conversion rate to OMO MATIC went up to 59%. 4. BRAND IMPACT In the brand tracking by Millward Brown 2014, “expert in washing machine” reached a high of 95 points. 5. BUSINESS RESULT A total sale of OMO MATIC liquid detergent was 2,285,600 litres in Ho Chi Minh City only; equivalent to filling an Olympic size swimming pool . (Source: Client Data)

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

IDEA: OMO MATIC BIG SALE • A unique space created for 48 hours only, partnering the biggest fashion brands in Vietnam. Each piece of fabric came with a unique tag. • To unlock the discounts that went up to an astonishing 80% - women had to recognize symbols and simulate that in the washing machine placed in the space. • The more you use your machine right – the higher the discount. • Women were encouraged to share their joy or anger immediately on their mobile • A clip showing women, who missed this went online to get more women taking about it.