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Brief Explanation

As Australia’s leading independent political media voice, Crikey are no strangers to holding politicians to account. With election promises made as easily as they are forgotten, Crikey wanted to ensure the promises made during the Victorian State Election were harder to break. The idea: Set political promises in stone During the week of the election, eight key promises from both major parties were set in stone and exhibited on the steps of the Victorian State Library. This prominent and prestigious location allowed voters to get up close to these monuments to democracy. Voters could turn to to follow the campaign, and with each Crikey branded stone displaying the hashtag #setinstone, they were empowered to have their say on what issues were most important to them.

The Brief

Crikey are Australia’s leading independent political media voice. Via their site,, they hold politicians to account through direct, unbiased journalism. With politicians making all sorts of promises to win elections, Crikey wanted to do more to keep politicians honest during the 2014 Victorian State Election. By doing so, Crikey would remind people of the importance of independent media, and the power all democratic citizens have to hold their governments to account.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Receiving major metro news coverage and generating Crikey’s most engaging Twitter content to date, ‘Set in Stone’ ensured Crikey’s presence was felt during the cluttered media landscape of the election. The promises now stand as an enduring reminder of the importance of independent media and the power we have as democratic citizens to hold our governments to account. With Daniel Andrews going on to win the election, their existence will ensure that the promises his party made will be less likely to be broken. The numbers: - Twitter engagement up 148% - Trial subscriptions up 176% - $3,400 in earned broadcast media generated for every campaign dollar spent.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The act of setting promises in stone was chosen because of its powerful symbolism. By putting politicians’ words in something more permanent than pixels or print, they would be more accountable for them. The campaign began online, with Crikey’s site and social media channels announcing the idea. After assessing voter commentary on what issues were most important, eight key promises were chosen from both major parties to be etched into 20kg stone tablets (limestone for the Liberal Party, granite for Labor). At the beginning of election week, the promises were unveiled on the steps of the prestigious Victorian State Library by Crikey’s founder Stephen Mayne. Featuring the hashtag #setinstone, they remained on display until election day fuelling opinion and online debate. On election day itself, a last minute tip off was received as to where election frontrunner Daniel Andrews would be casting his vote. The promises were quickly moved to the polls, confronting him with his party’s commitments as he headed into the voting hall.