Product / ServiceCOSMETICS STORE
CategoryA04. Use of Merchandising/in-Store Experience
EntrantPUZZLE Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company PUZZLE Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company PUZZLE Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Reietsu Hashimoto Creative Director / Planner
Subaru Matsukura ovaqe inc. Copywriter / Planner
Daima Kawamura ovaqe inc. General Producer
Nozomu Naito puzzle inc. Producer
Mitsuaki Hongyo puzzle inc. Producer
Roy Ryo Tsukiji BIRDMAN inc. Interactive Director
Takeru Kobayashi BIRDMAN inc. Technical Director
Yoichi Kanazawa BIRDMAN inc. Director
Junya Hoshikawa BIRDMAN inc. Art Director
Ryota Mishima BIRDMAN inc. Designer
Yohei Kajihara BIRDMAN inc. Device Engineer / Programmer
Shudai Matsumoto BIRDMAN inc. Programmer
KAPPUKU inc. Web Developer
Kiyoharu Mitsui AKIYAMAKOBO Inc. Set
Kazuko Hayasaka W inc. Beauty Director / Makeup Artist
Yosuke Nakajima smooth inc Director of photography
Shingo Hiraoka DENTSU INC. PR
Ryo Nakagawa DENTSU INC. PR
Nanae Suzuki DENTSU INC. Account Excictive
Kaori Ishikawa AINZ&TULPE Client Supervisor

Brief Explanation

AINZ&TULPE is a Japanese cosmetics shop. Tokyo is one of the world's top tourist cities. Foreign customers spend an average of over 10 times more than Japanese customers. In order to acquire foreign customers, signage with a camera embedded was set up in a store's shop window. People who approach are detected using a sensor. A shop window was created where, when a person who has taken interest performs an action, it communicates with him/her in his/her native language using facial recognition, and then provides various services on the spot (discount services, a makeup experience service where the person can have makeup applied to resemble a fashionable Japanese face in three minutes, makeup methods, etc.). At the shop where the window was set up, visits from foreign customers increased by over 40%, and sales increased by 10% each day.

The Brief

In actuality, the number one source of discontent in Japan is that foreigners are unable to communicate when engaging in activities such as shopping. Sales were expanded by making shopping simpler and more fun for these people, who spend an average of 10 times more than Japanese customers.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

After being set up, the shop window gained exposure around the world, especially in fashion-related media. There was a PR effect of over 500 million yen, and there were 5,885,039,510 media impressions. At the store where the window was set up, there was a 40% increase in foreign customers. Sales increased by 10% each day.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

There are over 10 types of fashionable Japanese faces displayed on the signage. The faces were produced using only products sold to AINZ&TULPE by Japan's top makeup artists. Those fashionable faces detect people's movements and faces. When a person selects a fashionable Japanese face to his/her liking, coupons, makeup methods, and more are issued in that person's native language using facial recognition. If the person brings a coupon into the shop, not only are items used to create that face discounted, an experience is provided to all people in which makeup is applied to resemble that fashionable Japanese face in only three minutes.