CategoryC02. Cars & Automotive Services
Entrant Company DELPHYS Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DELPHYS Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company DWANGO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Shunsuke Yanagisawa Toyota Marketing Japan Producer
Ryosuke Kimura Dwango Producer
Masataka Hoshina Dwango Producer
Shota Nakai Delphys Creative Director
Norikuni Takamiya Delphys Planner
Taku Tsukida Dwango Art Director
Akiko Matsumoto Dwango PR Director
Koichi Watanabe Delphys Account Executive
Yuki Asano Dwango Account Executive
Takahiro Nagayama Dwango Account Executive
Atsushi Takahashi Toyota Marketing Japan Associate Producer
Ryo Shimada Toyota Marketing Japan Associate Producer

Brief Explanation

“Real Car-Shogi” 10-hour live broadcast. We achieved to rouse the interests for cars by providing the entertainment, uniting “cars” and “shogi” which are from totally different category. “Shogi” is the Japan-originated board game with a history of more than 1000 years. In the game of “Real Car-Shogi”, real Toyota cars are used as Shogi pieces. The game took place on a board which is 14000 times the size of a normal Shogi board, with Best Shogi players among Japan on each side. The footage of the game was broadcasted live on "Nico-Nico douga",a web streaming service in Japan. In the live broadcasting, Cars of Shogi pieces were indicated as web banners. As a result, more than 20,000 audience visited Toyota's web site through a banner. We succeeded to change people's behavior.

The Brief

Since 1990s, the number of cars sold in Japan is in a constant decline. This is due to mix of various reasons such as, aging population, change in family structure, concentrating population in the heart of the cities, downturn of consumer spending etc. but among all, loss of interests in cars from young generation is remarkable. Every auto manufacturer is feeling sense of crisis towards shrinking internal market, Especially for Toyota who holds 40% of M/S as No.1 brand, “regaining interests towards cars from young generation” is becoming an urgent marketing issue.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

20,000 people visited Toyota's web site, checking the details of models, from banner placed during the live broadcast. The event successfully aroused interests and actions for Toyota. 200,000 people voted for the models of Toyota cars which people wanted to see as Shogi pieces in the match. The campaign became a buzz and listed as a trend on twitter on 8th Feb. AM. The number of posts on twitter with the word 'Real Car-Shogi' included counted up to 40,000. Related video achieved 2.5 million views. Advertising exposure worth US$5 million. (TV・Radio:15 stations, newspaper/magazines:21 media, WEB:258 media)

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

26th Nov.:News Release The announcement of “Real-car Shogi” was sent thorough news release. “Biggest shogi match in the history” was the key word to make this event the news. Nov. – Dec.:Voting for car models Special website was set to vote for the models of Toyota cars which people wanted to see as Shogi pieces in the match. Jan - :Releasing teaser video Multiple versions of teaser video were released. End of Jan. -:Push! Not only promoting to cover the day of the event, articles inciting the event were also promoted prior. 8th Feb.:The day of the event The match was broadcasted live for 10 hours. During the broadcast, variety of guests from different genre came on stage. 22 th Feb.:Special edition released 10 hours of the live broadcast was edited down to 45 minutes with unreleased scenes.