Product / ServiceGEAR VR
CategoryA05. Product Launch/re-Launch or Multi-Product Promotion
Production Company RAPID VR Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Andy Dilallo Leo Burnett Sydney Chief Creative Officer
Mark Tutssel Leo Burnett Chicago Global Chief Creative Officer
Vince Lagana Leo Burnett Sydney Art Director
Grant Mcaloon Leo Burnett Sydney Copywriter
Jeremy Devilliers Leo Burnett Sydney Executive Print Producer
Bruno Nakano Leo Burnett Sydney Art Director
Jason Young Leo Burnett Sydney Typographer
Amanda Quested Leo Burnett Sydney Client Service Director
Laura Dowling/Grace Kluver Leo Burnett Sydney Account Management
Christopher Baron Leo Burnett Sydney Director/Editor
Matthew Gain Edelman PR Chief Operating Officer
Carla Webb Edelman PR Associate Director
Susannah DiLallo Rapid VR Executive Producer
Dave Klaiber Rapid VR Director - Perth
Taylor Steele Rapid VR VR Video Director
Kodaline Band Band
Andrew Stevenson We Love Jam Sound Design
Earle Dresner Rapid VR DOP
Ben Nott Rapid VR DOP
Toni Higginbotham Toni Higginbotham Casting Casting Director

Brief Explanation

Our task was to launch Samsung’s cutting edge Gear VR technology in a way that every day people could relate to. To do this we needed to do more than just an ad campaign. Our communications needed to humanise the technology and show that it could be relevant to a wider audience than those interested in technology. To do this we applied the Gear VR headset to a problem affecting millions ever day: not being able to attend a life-changing moment. The resulting online film told the story of a husband and wife who would not be able to share the birth of their child. LifeLIVE, however, would use the Gear VR to bring them together in a new way with the world’s first live virtual reality birth. This opened our audience’s eyes to the true human potential of this new technology.

The Brief

Beyond a small number of highly engaged tech enthusiasts, new technology like Samsung’s Gear VR is usually met with wariness from a wider audience used to seeing tech fads with little relevance to their lives come and go. Our strategy was to overcome this indifference with a campaign to promote Gear VR in a human way by linking to a story millions could empathise with.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Samsung removed the tyranny of distance, creating a new class of memories that have never previously existed – memories that only our technology can make possible. Over 15 million views globally. Over $10 million earned media. Social platform engagement: 4.9 million Social media impressions: 17.6 million. 65% organic views. This story shows the positive role Samsung can play in society by connecting people in meaningful experiences.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The starting point for LifeLIVE was the creation of an online film documenting a completely new use for Gear VR. Namely, the bringing together of a couple who could not physically share the birth of a child. To do this we found Jace and Alison. For the sake of his family’s financial security, Jace was working over 4,000kms from home. But LIfeLIVE would let him and Alison experience this profound moment together with the world’s first live VR birth. The resulting mini-documentary was released on Facebook and Youtube, backed up by a social media plan and a global PR strategy.