Product / ServiceKIT KAT
CategoryA04. Use of Merchandising/in-Store Experience
Advertising Agency J. WALTER THOMPSON JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Go Sohara J. Walter Thompson Japan Executive Creative Director
Keizo Mugita J. Walter Thompson Japan Senior Creative Director
Shinsuke Sawasaki J. Walter Thompson Japan Creative Director
Shizu Yamada J. Walter Thompson Japan Creative Director/Art Director
Kaoru Yabe J. Walter Thompson Japan Senior Copywriter
Yasuhiko Yuasa J. Walter Thompson Japan Account Director
Akinobu Toyohara J. Walter Thompson Japan Account Manager
Hironaga Yai J. Walter Thompson Japan Strategic Planner
Ryoji Maki Nestle Japan Manager/Kit Kat Marketing
Ritsuko Watanabe Ten Graph Graphic Designer

Brief Explanation

This campaign was design to activate the whole of Japan to pay attention to the recovery of the Tohoku, the Tsunami-affected region. Since the recovery of the Sanriku Railway is finally complete, it was a good opportunity to invite people from all over the nation to rediscover the beauty of the region and to be more reminded that Tohoku still needs help. Our activation idea was to turn each Kit Kat bar into a train ticket to get people to participate. *Please kindly be noted that although 1st July 2014 is filled in as the first date of implementation of Kippu-Kat, The campaign started on 16th Jun 2014 and lasted until 31st May 2015. We are entering this work this year 2015 in order to report its result after 31st May.

The Brief

For years, Kit Kat has been offering a sweet treat that put a smile on people's faces. In 2012, the brand hit the No.1 spot in Japan's confectionery category. Since the 2011 Tsunami, Kit Kat has been involved in the rebuilding of the Tohoku area. However, three years have passed and the nation's support has faded. The campaign objective was to re-ignite the nation's helping spirit to support the recovery and bring people to visit Tohoku.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

KIPPU KAT successfully re-ignited the nation's interest in the recovery of Tohoku – the campaign was broadcasted on both regional and national TV, generating over 300 million Japanese Yen in PR value in 4 months. During the campaign period, over 70,000 people bought KIPPU KATs as a symbol of support for Tohoku, exceeding campaign target of 30,000 participants. In addition, approximately 150 Million Yen Economic Value Generated for tourism spend. The idea of extending a chocolate bar into a train ticket also became the topic of conversation outside of Japan. The campaign was picked up by international online blogs like PSFK, TAXI, DIGG and news sites like the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, USA Today and Thomson Reuters.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The campaign aimed to refocus the nation's attention back to the ongoing plight of the Tohoku region and to encourage people to visit Tohoku. In June 2014, we launched 'KIPPU KAT' - a special edition of Kit Kat chocolate bar that sells for 108 Yen and can be used as a local Sanriku railway ticket for up to 190 Yen. The Kit Kat product packaging was redesigned to look like a train ticket. KIPPU KAT was made available at Kiosks and CVSs in the train station nationwide plus supermarkets in the affected region. The packaging and collaterals were designed to motivate people to visit Tohoku.