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Product / ServiceBLOODBOOK
CategoryC08. Charities, Public Health, Safety & Awareness Messages
Production Company HIDRA Jakarta, INDONESIA


Name Company Position
Brian Charles Capel Leo Burnett Group Indonesia Group Executive Creative Director
Wayrizal Leo Burnett Group Indonesia Creative Director
Rama Herniawan Leo Burnett Group Indonesia Digital Director
Jeremias Soeria ex Leo Burnett Group Indonesia ex. Digital Director
Okka Mahendra ex Leo Burnett Group Indonesia ex Copywriter
Vida Nugroho ex Leo Burnett Group Indonesia ex.Creative Group Head
Bobby Setiawan ex Leo Burnett Group Indonesia ex Art Director
Hezal Weisman Leo Burnett Group Indonesia Creative Group Head
Mario Rudansa Leo Burnett Group Indonesia Designer
Rika Putri Anjani Leo Burnett Group Indonesia Designer
Andara Perdana ex Leo Burnettt Group Indonesia ex Designer
Wirmandi Sugriat Leo Burnett Group Indonesia Account Director
Jessica Lohanda ex Leo Burnett Group Indonesia ex Account Manager
Kanyalia Fransisca ex Leo Burnett Group Indonesia ex Strategy Planning Manager
Ayu Nasution Leo Burnett Group Indonesia Agency Producer

Brief Explanation

Despite being the 4th largest population in the world with 250 million people, Indonesia still faces the problem of blood supply. Blood banks are often in short supply, because blood donation is not popular here. Many people who need urgent blood transfusion often find themselves in desperate situation where they have to procure blood themselves. Sadly, this situation has claimed many lives.

The Brief

In recent years, people have turned to social media for help, hoping their friends, followers, or even strangers to spread the news. The problem with this approach is it’s always in a matter of urgent time frame, and a lot of uncertainty in the response. Also, spreading requests on social media has a severe problem on trust. Many people are reluctant to answer a request from strangers, questioning its legitimacy or authenticity, even suspect the requests as spams.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Total Facebook users in Indonesia of 69 million, obviously the expected target would be to reach out to all to participate in Bloodbook. People just start joining Bloodbook and hype is building in social media. For now the total number of participants are still small but it is growing as many may not know their blood type as yet. Most importantly is that with the campaign being viral and being spread in the social media world. At least Bloodbook managed to sign up Indonesia’s Vice President, Jusuf Kalla to be one of the few first to participate in Bloodbook.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Application is named “Bloodbook” for easy recall and association with “Facebook”. We developed Bloodbook to do the following: it registers user’s blood type, then connects with other Bloodbook users in our Facebook friends. Immediately tell which of our friends have similar blood type and hence can become both potential donor. Vice versa, we are expected to be donor to our friend. Fill in contact information so we can be reached when friends need blood donor. When need of blood, just click ‘request blood’ in the app. Immediately send notifications to all our Bloodbook Facebook’s friends who have similar blood type.