Product / ServiceCARLSBERG
CategoryB02. Use of Other Digital Solutions in a Promotional Campaign
Advertising Agency McCANN ERICKSON JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company AIRCORD Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company 2 KIRAMEKI Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Hideo Kato Suntory Business Expert Limited Creative Director
Shizuka Masuno Suntory Business Expert Limited Creative Producer
Kiyoshi Oomori SUN-AD Company Limited Creative Director
Ayaka Taniguchi Suntory Business Expert Limited Creative Producer
Isamu Nakamura Mccann Erickson Japan Executive Creative Director
Satoko Takada McCann Erickson Japan Creative Director / Copywriter
Naoki Watanabe McCann Erickson Japan Interactive Planner
Yasuaki Kurata McCann Erickson Japan Art Director
Kiyoshi Kindo McCann Erickson Japan Agency Producer
Tokihisa Shimada McCann Erickson Japan Business Director
Mayu Hikima McCann Erickson Japan Account Director
Erina Tamura McCann Erickson Japan Account Supervisor
Chiharu Ozaki Mccann Erickson Japan Creative Coordinator
Toshiyuki Hashimoto aircord inc. Technical Producer/Director
Osamu Iwasaki aircord inc. Device Engineer
Maki Hitomi / Hisaki Ito aircord inc. System Operator/Technical Support /System Developer
Masanobu Yoshimura Freelance Photographer
Ray Yoshimoto Freelance Director
Yoshiki Ishii kirameki inc. Executive Producer
Shiho Tomizawa / Yuki Masuda kirameki inc. Producer / Production Manager

Brief Explanation

We focused on the large clear space at the center of the Carlsberg Club Bottle, then combined the bottle with the latest, state-of-the-art 3D scanning and holographic projection technology. The creation was unveiled at an event held in Tokyo's trendy Roppongi district called "Step into Carlsberg." Event guests first had their entire body scanned at a specially set-up booth. In a matter of minutes, their data was then combined with the motion-capture data of professional dancers. The resulting 3D holographic images were projected into the clear space at the center of the Carlsberg bottle. Guests got to see their miniature selves skillfully dancing inside the bottle. One of the technological challenges was creating the 3D holographic images in real-time to be enjoyed by guests while the event was on-going.

The Brief

For many Japanese people, imported beer brands do not feel like something that's close to them and Danish-born Carlsberg was not an exception. Our intent with this idea was to make use of the Carlsberg Club Bottle's distinct design to create a personal experience that would make Japanese young people feel that Carlsberg is "their brand."

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

At the event, more than 200 guests got to see and experience this state-of-the-art technology for themselves. Seeing their miniature selves dancing skillfully inside the bottle came as an exciting surprise to the guests, while at the same time, the experience had the effect of making them feel closer to the Carlsberg brand. The 3D holographic images were also spread widely via social media.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Usually, state-of-the-art technology, such as 3D holographic projection, is only made available to celebrities or people with special connections. However, this promotion enabled regular event guests to enjoy a moment in the spotlight and to directly see and experience the technology for themselves. Furthermore, seeing their miniature selves dancing fiercely inside the Carlsberg bottle provided an unforgettable brand experience for the individual participants. Ultimately, the whole campaign succeeded in increasing people's sense of familiarity with the Carlsberg brand.