CategoryA05. Product Launch/re-Launch or Multi-Product Promotion
EntrantTYA Singapore, SINGAPORE
Entrant Company TYA Singapore, SINGAPORE
Advertising Agency 2 DENTSU INC. KANSAI Osaka, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 3 TYA Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company CLICK2VIEW Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production Company 2 A PIXELS PHOTOGRAPHY Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Toshi Otsuki Dentsu KANSAI Executive Creative Director
Kazuki Tanaka TYA Singapore Creative Director
Hiromitsu Kaibuki Dentsu Singapore Digital Media Director
Mayuko Joshita Dentsu Singapore Account Manager
Susumu Sakai TYA Thailand Art Director
Frederick Poon TYA Singapore Web Director
Yiyang Teo TYA Singapore Copywriter
Haruyuki Ono Vivid Creations Event Planner
Yohei Kikuchi Vivid Creations Event Planner
Yushi Han Vivid Creations Event Planner
Phoebe Lim TYA Singapore Graphic Designer
Joanne Gong TYA Singapore Graphic Designer
Ryo Kodama Dentsu ASIA Strategic Planner
Tom Radford Click2View Director
Ahmad Yusman Click2View Producer
Fathir Ismail Click2View Director of Photography
Clarisse Poh Click2View TVC Producer
Beny Gan A Pixels Photography Photographer
Shota Tazawa Espeid Programmer
Rasheed Abu Bakar The Hoffman Agency Singapore Account Manager

Brief Explanation

In order to convert more young people in Singapore into NISSIN fans, we launched a campaign that focused on our differentiating range of 12 unique flavours. Each flavour was personified with a characteristic young female who competed in a 7-week popularity contest hosted on Facebook. The campaign and its grand prize of a Japan holiday was promoted at malls (including a full-day sales event), social media, TV, and print. At the campaign launch, all 12 girls and their respective flavours were unveiled. They engaged consumers every day with unique Facebook appeals for votes. Every girl was given a separate TVC slot to promote the campaign and the uniqueness of her flavour. Throughout the campaign, the girls drove voters to stores and malls through Facebook, giving consumers ample opportunities to sample all 12 flavours. Campaign-themed items were given out at all OOH activations.

The Brief

Young people, who tend to be price-sensitive and disloyal to cup noodles brands, do not form the bulk of NISSIN's cup noodles market in Singapore, so we were tasked to convert more young people into NISSIN fans and increase Facebook LIKES by 1000%. The idea was to bring our flavours to life by connecting each to a fresh young female face who embodied the flavours' characteristics. Through the differentiation and personification, we wanted consumers to rediscover the essence in each and our full lineup. We then incentivised consumers to become loyal fans of a particular flavour in a popularity contest.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The campaign received more than 30,000 votes, and over 8,000 people turned up for our mall and storefront events. 10,000 cup noodles—with 4 flavours completely sold out—were sold at the sales race. 15,000 cup noodles were sold alone in our store events. Our Facebook page greatly surpassed expectations and saw a 1900% increase in LIKEs from a mere 1,300 to over 15,000. Total Facebook reach exceeded 1.9 million unique people between 15–29 in Singapore. Through press coverage, we reached more than 600,000 people on social media and 75,000 people in print.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

NISSIN needed to stand out in Singapore's youth market. We did so by embodying every flavour with a unique personality, establishing ourselves as the only cup noodles brand diverse enough to boast 12 unique flavours. The campaign ran according to plan: - June-13–14: Campaign launched at Cineleisure press conference where 12 girls introduced themselves, took photos with consumers, and handed out namecards for prize exchange in stores - June-13–July-31: Voting contest opened; Daily Facebook posts from each girl to appeal for votes and promote events - June-13–July-31: Campaign covered in publications and blogs - June-19–30: Different TVC for each girl aired daily - June-20–July-19 (5 weekends): Girls spread over Singapore supermarkets to give away prizes in exchange for purchase or namecard - June-25: Advertisement in WAttention - June-27–28: Sales race between all 12 girls held at CUP NOODLES flagship stalls at WAttention Plaza - July-31: Winner announcement