Short List
CategoryB03. Use of Social Platform(s) in a Promotional Campaign
Entrant Company Y&R SHANGHAI, CHINA
Advertising Agency Y&R SHANGHAI, CHINA


Name Company Position
Ong Kien Hoe Y&R Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Nils Andersson Y&R Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Jiu Tiao Y&R Shanghai Associate Creative Director
Qi Han Y&R Shanghai Art Director
Alair Qu Y&R Shanghai Art Director
Travis Zhou Y&R Shanghai Account Director
Tommy Hua Y&R Shanghai Agency Producer
Hu Chao Zheng Shooting Gallery Asia Shanghai Director
Ten VML Teein Strategy Director
Lee VML Teein Creative Director
PQ VML Teein Copywriter
Wells VML Teein Media Manager
Sandy Wang Y&R Shanghai Traffic Manager
Emir Shafri Y&R Shanghai Copywriter
Yang Wei Wu Y&R Shanghai Associate Creative Director
Yang Wei Wu Y&R Shanghai Art Director
Ong Kien Hoe Y&R Shanghai Art Director
Shawn VML Teein Project Leader

Brief Explanation

In order to stop the buying of fur, we had to engage with our Chinese audience right where the buy fur products the most: on the world's largest online store. We launched Maria's Luxury Fur Store, and reeled them in with promotional offers they couldn't resist whenever they searched for fur products. Once they visited the store to browse the fur products, they learned about gory process that went into each product. We used this moment to activate a change in their behavior by getting them to pledge to never buy fur again. In fact, out of 4.5 million users who visited the store, 80% pledged never to buy fur again.

The Brief

China is home to the world's largest online store, a platform so huge that it made US$9.3 billion in a single day, 5 times more than what all US e-commerce stores made on Black Friday combined. Here, you can buy anything privately, including, unfortunately for the animals, fur products, which are extremely popular in China. So how do we stop people from buying on this massive platform?

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

4.5 million users visited the store, with 80% – that's 2.8 million people – pledging never to buy fur again. We gained so much attention online and offline, with over 5.7 million shares on social media and US$2.2 million in earned media, that we were shut down in 72 hours. All on a campaign budget of RMB5. Inspired by the success, we already are preparing to launch on even more platforms.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

To stop the buying, we started selling. We launched Maria's Luxury Fur Store, enticing users with a massive fur sale. But when users clicked on the fur products, they'll see the dark and gory process that goes into making that item.