CategoryA04. Use of Merchandising/in-Store Experience
EntrantSAIL Yangon, MYANMAR
Entrant Company SAIL Yangon, MYANMAR
Advertising Agency SAIL Yangon, MYANMAR


Name Company Position
Khin Khin Kyawt SAIL Group Of Companies President
Pavel Skachkov SAIL Group Of Companies Chief Executive Officer
Nyan Soe Win SAIL Group Of Companies Account Director
Phue Pwint Han SAIL Group Of Companies Account Executive
Sai Khun Myint Thu SAIL Group Of Companies Editor

Brief Explanation

KDDI the partner of MPT with their Roland Burger consultants marketing executives asked SAIL to create fun events in seasonal festival. We launched one big event in Full Moon festival of Myanmar in October 2014 at Peoples Park where traffic was high with visitors to the Shwedagon pagoda. The games , presents and entertainments were planned. Instant uploading of photos on facebook with internet wifi hotspot. In Japan Myanmar festival the second event was done followed by events in shopping malls of three major cities. Teams also do 300 small events in POS shops with balloons and presents, engaging customers. Continuing merchandising nationwide in 60000 POS with banners decorations and customer engagements, bring together the MPT staff from regional offices who has never experienced engaging with customers. SAIL team work together and train them to engage with people.

The Brief

MPT has entered into a challenging phase of business in mid-2014. MPT mobile phone service users were prepared to churn to an alternative provider the minute any other service be available. In 2013 Myanmar government has awarded licenses to Telenor and Ooredoo to start business in Myanmar. MPT got into a JV with KDDI/Sumitomo to enhance its business models ,access new investments and know how. Strategy to transform the old brand image to new brand image. To compete with new foreign entries and to keep the old customers loyal . To make the brand friendly and hip to customers.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The results have been life changing for MPT since the public starts to think of them as one or their valued friend and supplier of tele communications who really now care about them. Those who has switched come back and many stop to move to competition. The brand suddenly become alive and in the face of the customers. They can now trust their national brand which seems to be really trying to improve in services and relationship. The historical change of brand image of national telecoms is successfully achieved because of promotion fun events and merchandisers of SAIL doing big , medium and small events plus national roll out within 10 months and still continuing.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

The strategy: to transform the old brand image to new brand image. To compete with new foreign entries and to keep the old customers loyal . To make the brand friendly and hip to customers. To make customers mind change the brand concept from old ( old bullying uncle ) to new ( friendly fun and helpful buddy ) Creative in events planning has importance of hip image, offering fun, entertaining, engaging and awarding and helpful facts all considered. Promoters smiling and handing out leaflets, inviting to the event for participating in games is the shocking new image of MPT for public. The small events at POS shops show the public that MPT really cares and try to keep their loyalty. Nationwide merchandisers reaching all corners of the country , putting up banners and decorating POS shops 60000 x 3 photos of before during and after decoration.