Product / ServiceBUICK VERANO
CategoryA07. Cars & Automotive Services
EntrantLOWE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company LOWE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency LOWE CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company MADE IN CHINA FILMS Shanghai, CHINA
Production Company 2 DIGIT DIGIT Hong Kong, HONG KONG

Brief Explanation

Challenge: Verano, a new sports sedan from Buick, wants to win over a new active generation. Sports and in particular running has gained popularity among our target. They tend to be progressive, and believe in personal development and experience. They enjoy achievements but they also enjoy life. We call them the “Born to Run” generation because they do not stop on anything, always on the move. Verano happens to match all their attitudinal inclination. The challenge is to communicate our shared purpose and win their admiration.


Name Company Position
Kitty Lun Lowe China CEO
Juan Zhang Lowe China Associate Creative Director
Justin Du Lowe China Associate Creative Director
Limbo Chen Lowe China Account Director
Rainbow Zhang Lowe China Account Manager
Qiang Zeng Lowe China Creative Director
Cherry Wang Lowe China Senior Copywriter
Connie Chua Lowe China Head Of Production
Kiko Yang Lowe China Producer
Lilith Xu Lowe China Producer
Lino Russell Made in China Director
Yu Pang Chang Made in China Assistant Director
Stanley Chang Made in China Assistant Director
Emily Wang Made in China Production House Producer
Lee Cheng Made in China Production House Producer
Brian Yessian Made in China Composer
Wiebke Engel Made in China Composer
Fabrizio Rossetti Digit Digit Ltd Off-line Editor
Jasmine Wong Digit Digit Ltd On-line Editor