CategoryB01. Internet Film
EntrantAOI PRO. Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company AOI PRO. Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Production Company AOI PRO. Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

No matter how silly they are, whatever you experience when you are teenage will become something special that will stay in your mind for forever. We were aiming to create a TVC that supports 100% on all of these silly things that you do as a teenager, which often times, tend to be underestimated by adults. It's easy to label playing game as an unproductive or waste of time. What we would like to communicate through the spot was to capture the subtle, yet precious moments that exist beyond that.


Name Company Position
Yuichi Yukawa DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Kensuke Takayanagi DENTSU INC. CM Planner / Copywriter
Mugi Takata DENTSU INC. Copywriter
Chiharu Takahashi DENTSU INC. Agency Producer
Yuichi Otsuka DENTSU INC. Account Exective
Yuji Fukai DENTSU INC. Account Exective
Jumpei Oyama DENTSU INC. Account Exective
Jun Shimizu DENTSU INC. Account Exective
Yutaka Aoki AOI Pro. Inc. Executive Producer
Takayuki Shimazaki AOI Pro. Inc. Producer
Takuro Shima AOI Pro. Inc. Producer
Yohei Suzuki AOI Pro. Inc. Production Manager
Hisashi Eto Club-A Director
Daniel Bouquet MELTING POT AGENCY Director Of Photography
Machi Tsuge Aloha Coaster Art Director
Shintaro Tazaki Freelance Lighting
Norihiko Hosoya SPACE HYAKKA Location Cordinator
Sakura Seya Megane Film Editor / Editing Company
Kohei Sudo DIGITAL GARDEN Editor / Post Production
Tommy Zee MassiveMusic Music Producer
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