Short List
CategoryB03. Branded Content & Entertainment Film
EntrantDDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Advertising Agency DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Production Company PASSION PICTURES Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Brief Explanation

A hand-drawn animation to encourage the public to participate in an online auction to help earthquake affected Nepal. It was important that our film was both based on a continuous line, symbolic of a seismograph and also that in itself, it was a piece of art, representative of the art auction it was intended to promote. To stay true to both of these elements, we firstly commissioned a Berlin based artist who is renowned for his continuous line drawings, then once we had the key frame drawings from our artist we animated them using a traditional hand drawn 2D technique in TV Paint. This, along with frame by frame rotoscoping, ensured we could achieve the fluidity, organic and natural movement of the line that helped bring the moments to life and may have otherwise felt contrived had we used digital animation. Finally, we assembled the animation in an After FX comp. The line thickness was refined depending on how close or wide the camera was, the line given an ink look and a real paper texture integrated into the background. The final compositing and online was completed in After FX. Final Cut Pro was used for editing throughout the process.


Name Company Position
Toby Talbot DDB Sydney Chief Creative Officer
Steve Jackson DDB Sydney Creative Partner/ Copy Writer
Noah Regan DDB Sydney Creative Partner
Ramon Rodriguez DDB Sydney Head of Design & Art Director/Designer
Trong Ronakiat DDB Sydney Art Director
Shane Geffen DDB Sydney Copywriter
Leesa Murray DDB Sydney Art Buyer
Sevda Cemo DDB Sydney Head of Integrated Content
Robert Crispe DDB Sydney Content Creator
Libby Hams DDB Sydney Project Director
Tim Lunken DDB Sydney Project Manager
Irena/ Will Kerr DDB Sydney Digital Producer
Keira Tanko DDB Sydney Studio Manager
John Robertson Passion Pictures Director
Katie Mackin Passion Pictures Executive Producer